random jukebox 150922

bruno bavota + chantal acda – sirens (temporary residence)
the mountain goats – training montage (merge)
christy azuma and the uppers international – aja wondo (africa seven)
allison lorenzen – vale (whited sepulchre)
unkle – do yourself some good (the reflex revision) (songs for the def)
polly scattergood – nitrogen pink (mute)
courtney marie andrews – loose future (fat possum)
clint maedgen – sandra already knows (self)
pete astor – time on earth (tapete)
breathless – we should go driving (tenor vossa)
gemma rogers – stop (tiny global)
gwenno – n.y.c.a.w. (heavenly)
jacqueline folds – gates (feat. rosalie wammes) (self)
lea porcelain – pool song (max pollyul remix) (system)
sudan archives – nbpq (topless) (stones throw)
fiona brice – and you know i care (bella union)
revolution above disorder – annihilator (jagz kooner remix) (self)
recoil – drifting (mute)
hemlock – ship to nowhere (esoteric)
please – time goes by (guerssen)
elmer gantry’s velvet opera – long nights of summer (grapefruit)
the quiet ones – tina ft lenna bahule (humble)
the movers – balele (analog africa) rewind
farm – jungle song (guerssen)
automatic – realms (stones throw)
kathryn williams – put the needle on the record (oli)
gotts st park ft charlotte dos santos – lost and found (stones throw)
carina – skets & stoners (don’t sleep)
eliza – everywhere i’ll ever be (log off different)

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