this is not a disco 011022

aaron martin – a threat emerges (lost tribe)
glós – serenity (for sofia) (affin)
clarice jensen – joy (130721)
joachim spieth – autumn winter (affin)
bill orcutt – a different view (palilalia)
other lands – homewords (aotn)
makaya mccraven – the fours (intl anthem)
conrad schnitzler & baal & mortimer – ffaall (bureau b)
claude vannier – flipbook (finders keepers)
clear path ensemble – sunrise motif (soundway)
the music of sound – street recordings (part 2 instrumental) (dimple discs)
chris korda – kasita mondo (chapelle xiv)
guillaume loizillon – virologie (trace)
lune – cats of bakewell (self)
seb martel – mattjam (infiné) rewind
seb martel – tortuga (infiné)
aaron martin – unearthing (lost tribe)
dunam – vrid (midira)
z axis – ccofb (libl)
ambient jazz ensemble – lights go down (here & now)
uisato – reconocer (self)
colin stetson – orthrus (reduction)
maya bennardo, erik blennow calälv, kristofer svensson – in yo (thanatosis)


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