this is not a disco 051122

ludwig a.f. – glass (exo)
ludwig a.f. – ikebana arpeggio (exo)
chouk bwa & the angstromers – sala (bongo joe)
‘a’ trio – cold blood (al maslakh)
stefan ro¨mer – voice recoder (corvo)
stefan ro¨mer – recoder theme iii (corvo)
zeitgeist freedom energy exchange – warp speed (kryptox)
toh imago – insomnie (infiné)
clarice jensen – love (130701)
tyroneiassacstuart – purpose (new soil)
etceteral – 95959595 (tak til)
penny – crucial (thanatosis)
mohs. – quartz (bmm)
pytko – flowers (phantasy sound)
amir yaghmai – black turtleneck (colorfield)
33 – thomas the obscure (with patrick belaga) (c.a.n.v.a.s)
kansas smitty’s – ghosts (ever)
pole – grauer sand (mute)
moresounds – lost in oak (original cultures)
james varghese – arpeggio (quiet love)
lueenas – souls sliding (barkhausen)
lårry – immernoch vermissdich (bleed)
mehmet aslan – tangerine ft. nin o de elche (planisphere)
juhani silvola – the eternal present (shhpuma)
marvin tate’s d – insomnia in nyc (american dreams)
the heptones – observer’s style aka mr. do over song version (doctor bird)
batida – “ah!” feat. poté (crammed discs)
ariel bart – … light and shadow (p.1) (ropeadope)
fiona brice – nocturnal (bella union) rewind


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