this is not a disco 291022 (long form edition)

glós – swords of revealing light (affin)
ojkos & andreas rotevatn – fjordingen i-ii (odin)
scaring the mice for revenge – bamboo stick shop (prohibited)
das ende der liebe – moped (anunaki tabla)
oberst & buchner – arpology (heimlich musik) rewind
ian william craig – sprite percent world record (130721)
brett deubner – hope (birs)
markus guentner – crystal castle (affin ltd)
tenka – diverse aesthetics ~ our hydration is a symbol ~ (métron)
yair etziony – hashoftim (part 1 – 3) sunlight on the brown sofa) / on the way back from coockie) / bobby’s garden) (lamour)
erik griswold – out of heart of light (room40)


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