Random Jukebox is currently being broadcast on Tuesday evenings between 21.00-23.00 and This is not a disco… is on Thursday between 22.00-00.00. If it sounds a little different it’s because I’m broadcasting from a shed and the station is being run remotely.
By way of a heads up please note that the Listen Again function is slightly out of alignment with Source FM’s temporary Covid-19 schedule.
You can also catch a number of mixes scattered around the overnight hours and there’s a new feature, RJ x Curates on Thursdays 21.00-22.00 featuring guest mixes and archive shows. These are currently available on the Listen Again player for a limited time.
Can I also recommend a new show on Source called Heavy Friends,  It really rather good. It airs on Fridays 18.00-20.00.


Random Jukebox is on Source 96.1 FM and every Tuesday evening from 21.30.

This is not a disco… is on Thursday evenings from 22.00.

Soul Gliding can be found at the Small Ships bar, Quay St, Falmouth on the first Friday of every month.

Source FM live can be heard here while the Listen Again feature is here .

If you are looking to send promos etc try my personal address for now  karlphillips AT

On that note thank you to all those artists, labels and PR companies who make the time to share their wares with us. We don’t have a playlist policy and all our presenters are free to programme their own shows…but if we do play your tune I’ll endeavour to send you  a playlist.

I also contribute to the Stranger Collective’s bi-monthly Strike magazine and play bar sets in the local area.

I’m not really on Facebook but I am on Twitter and Instagram @karlphillips63

Regards, Karl Phillips

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