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this is not a disco (long form edition) 261122

more eaze – low resolution at santikos (leaving)
set fire to flames – gloria of the new town planning (130721)
rasmus hedlund – rytmisk (ljudverket)
key ratio – one take (full recording) (never not now)
jeff parker – 2019-05-19 (aguirre)
sulk rooms – mycorrhizal (werra foxma)
arthur king – geologic tides (akp)
flak – magpie (live in lisbon, 18th october 2021) (shhpuma)
alex zethson ensemble – some of them were never unprepared, part ii (thanatosis)

random jukebox 241122

dumming dum – hononest (dessert)
force placement – yeeks (detroit in effect remix) (evar)
robag wruhme – fire (kompact extra)
schlepp geist – karma seq (mila stern remix) (feines tier)
rick wade – angry flow (thirty year records)
attraktta – cloud mirror (film)
attraktta – forgotten purpose (film)
arrival – la virra (strawberry)
linda hoyle – hymn to valery solanas (strawberry)
meic stevens – yorric (strawberry)
humphrey lyttelton & his band – the house that humph built (cherry red)
humphrey lyttelton & his band saturday jump (cherry red)
johnny dankworth & his orchestra – african waltz (cherry red)
iggy pop – nightclubbing (cherry red)
roxy music – do the strand (cherry red)
grace jones – la vie en rose (cherry red)
acid arab – ya mahla feat wael alkak (crammed discs)
yuu udagawa – mojito (cyphon)
kolya – a2 miss honey prancin’ in the twilite (ecstasy garage disco)
idea therapy – evry (idea therapy)
dana gavanski – strangers (full time hobby)
soyuz – how are you (como é que vai você) (mr bongo)
ncy milky band – le cascadeur fleuriste, pt. ii (bmm)
third son – all in time (feat. tush) (unknown to the unknown)
emiliana torrini & the colorist orchestra – right here (bella union)

this is not a disco 191122

rasmus hedlund – kalla vindar (ljudverket)
rasmus hedlund – verners funk (ljudverket)
schlepp geist – aldo (feines tier)
schlepp geist – karma seq (feines tier)
maxime denuc – ouverture (vlek)
zopelar – clara (tartelet)
social sport – organic chemistry (terrorhythm)
brecon – grit (laze remix) (with bells records)
sulk rooms – televisions (werra foxma)
adrian quesada – noble metals (ato) rewind
ron goodwin & his concert orchestra – girl from corsica (cherry red)
ray cathode – waltz in orbit (cherry red)
frank chacksfield`s tunesmiths – little red monkey (cherry red)
mauskovic dance band – telefoon dub (bongo joe)
mauskovic dance band – parata est (bongo joe)
social sport – over it, out of it (terrorhythm)
kab driver – little smoke (acroplane)
plaid – c.a. (warp)
steve queralt & michael smith – glitches [bytes]
vanessa wagner – quiet music (infiné
complete walkthru – man and his cymbals (complete walkthru)
complete walkthru – sick as your secrets (complete walkthru)
attraktta – isolation street (film)
tom peters & ralf kobernuss – unity (carsten jost remix) (dessert)
retromigration – also durag earl’s thunder dub (handy)
maxime denuc – infinite end (vlek)
ono – i wonder why (edit) (american dreams)

this is not a disco 121122

rafal roki rokiki – cranes (self)
more eaze – suped (leaving)
lizabett russo – do you know (last night from glasgow) rewind
key ratio – geometric groove (never not now)
arielbart – … light and shadow (p.2) (ropeadope)
ncy milky band – an zéro (bmm)
ncy milky band – les fils du temps (bmm)
etceteral – dunno (tak til)
the headhunters – hh 75 (ropeadope)
the headhunters – stoop (ropeadope)
skalpel – connection (no paper)
a rocket in dub – shut up and dub (krachladen dub)
kolinga – inner truth (underdog)
eddie hale – ancient technology (denude)
amir yaghmai – go bozo (colorfield)
more eaze – goodnight / gentle pets (leaving)
skalpel – ping (no paper)
96 back – lounge ii (local action)
jacek sienkiewicz – kristine (edit) (recognition)
alex zethson ensemble – some of them were never unprepared part i & ii (excerpt) (thanatosis)
oort smog – every motherfucker is your brother (akp)
arthur king – dig precious things (akp)

random jukebox 101122

mighty lemon drops – like an angel (cherry red)
shop assistants – all day long (cherry red)
chancha via circuito – el pavo real (feat. meridian brothers) (wonderwheel)
akira ishikawa – hey jude (mr bongo)
cruisic – pacific 707 (single edit) (flower)
other lands – solong sofar (aotn)
uto – délaisse (pain surprises records, infiné)
jean-pierre massiera – egg (finders keepers records)
zeitgeist freedom energy exchange – cybernetic (kryptox)
nico gomez and his afro percussion inc – lupita (danny krivit edit) (mr bongo)
mush – karoshi kareoke (memphis industries)
ithaca – dreams (story of our time beneath this sky) (grapefruit)
confidence man – holiday (tame impala remix) (heavenly recordings)
pilots of peace – art and soul (citizens of vice)
achingdrum – calling (spirit level)
dry cleaning – gary ashby (4ad)
a certain ratio – waiting on a train (mute)
kilgour – solar head (lnfg)
myele manzanza – silencing the sun (deep matter)
miss grit – like you (mute)
black market karma – dead trajectory (flower power)
pilots of peace – ain’t no love (citizens of vice)
ncy milky band – loco burn ad (feat. sr. tumbao & cotchei) (bmm)
the heptones – a hard day’s night (doctor bird)
donald – a ver, a ver (ric piccolo edit) (soundway) *rewind*
the rah band – funk me down to rio ’82 (12 mix) (cherry red)
blutch – babye (barbecue)
akira ishikawa – bongo rock (mr bongo)
mimika orchestra – thalassa (rika muzika)
silvan strauss – shades (kabul fire)
dirty south – the end (soul central remix) (viscious)
airport people – prelude (whited sepulchre)
lord$ – i’d really like (bmm)

this is not a disco 051122

ludwig a.f. – glass (exo)
ludwig a.f. – ikebana arpeggio (exo)
chouk bwa & the angstromers – sala (bongo joe)
‘a’ trio – cold blood (al maslakh)
stefan ro¨mer – voice recoder (corvo)
stefan ro¨mer – recoder theme iii (corvo)
zeitgeist freedom energy exchange – warp speed (kryptox)
toh imago – insomnie (infiné)
clarice jensen – love (130701)
tyroneiassacstuart – purpose (new soil)
etceteral – 95959595 (tak til)
penny – crucial (thanatosis)
mohs. – quartz (bmm)
pytko – flowers (phantasy sound)
amir yaghmai – black turtleneck (colorfield)
33 – thomas the obscure (with patrick belaga) (c.a.n.v.a.s)
kansas smitty’s – ghosts (ever)
pole – grauer sand (mute)
moresounds – lost in oak (original cultures)
james varghese – arpeggio (quiet love)
lueenas – souls sliding (barkhausen)
lårry – immernoch vermissdich (bleed)
mehmet aslan – tangerine ft. nin o de elche (planisphere)
juhani silvola – the eternal present (shhpuma)
marvin tate’s d – insomnia in nyc (american dreams)
the heptones – observer’s style aka mr. do over song version (doctor bird)
batida – “ah!” feat. poté (crammed discs)
ariel bart – … light and shadow (p.1) (ropeadope)
fiona brice – nocturnal (bella union) rewind

random jukebox 031122

marshall applewhite – little pieces of light (island f)
zeitgeist freedom energy exchange – space-love continuum (kryptox)
kolinga – les fantomes (underdog)
stefan romer – reco song (corvo)
the deepshakerz, nhan solo & divine – hey now (neighborhood)
super plage – forêt magique (lisbon lux)
sofie royer – love park (stones throw)
zero db ft. voice monet – anything’s possible (daisuke tanabe remix) (tru thoughts)
rayland baxter – if i were a butterfly (tbc)
the orielles – beams (heavenley)
decius – look like a man (extended mix) (leaf)
david walters – bow down (prophetic soul remix) (heavenly sweetness)
perera elsewhere – who i am friends of friends (tbc)
sophie jamieson – sink (bella union)
jade warrior – english morning (grapefruit)
complex – moving moor (grapefruit)
the kinks – sitting in the midday sun (grapefruit) rewind
vacant church – sorry bones (ropeadope)
vacant church – quiet as a mouse (ropeadope)
bill callahan – coyotes (drag city)
chouk bwa & the angstromers – zemedo (bongo joe)
marvin tate’s d-settlement – mama’s gottah new boyfriend (american dreams)
mauskovic dance band – bukaroo bank (bongo joe)
eyes of others – well-thumbed letters (heavenly recordings)
caitlin rose – black obsidian (tbc)

this is not a disco 291022 (long form edition)

glós – swords of revealing light (affin)
ojkos & andreas rotevatn – fjordingen i-ii (odin)
scaring the mice for revenge – bamboo stick shop (prohibited)
das ende der liebe – moped (anunaki tabla)
oberst & buchner – arpology (heimlich musik) rewind
ian william craig – sprite percent world record (130721)
brett deubner – hope (birs)
markus guentner – crystal castle (affin ltd)
tenka – diverse aesthetics ~ our hydration is a symbol ~ (métron)
yair etziony – hashoftim (part 1 – 3) sunlight on the brown sofa) / on the way back from coockie) / bobby’s garden) (lamour)
erik griswold – out of heart of light (room40)

random jukebox 271022

third son – sand in my eye ft. joe wilson (polymath)
dreamcastmoe – cloudy weather, wear boots (ghostly international)
cioz – harakat (still vor talent)
sabu martinez – hotel alyssa-sousse, tunisia (danny krivit edit) (mr bongo)
amir yaghmai – bozo beach (colorfield)
mimika orchestra – fondo (rika muzika)
akira ishikawa – pick up the pieces (mr bongo)
amaringo – let’s walk the rope (healthy tapes)
the heptones – suspicious minds (doctor bird)
machia & velli – il principe (bungalo disco)
the rah band – messages from the stars (long wave mix aka 12 mix) (cherry red)
zero db – bongos, bleeps, basslines (special guest remix) (tru thoughts)
martina budde & friends – this is how you love me (extended mix w edy marron) (groovy firehorse 66)
cioz – do it the way you feel (still vor talent)
rubini – easyleft henri (icube remix) (degustibus music)
third son & kilimanjaro – mukiti (hot haus recs)
bondax x dur dur band – yabaal to london (future disco)
other lands – zeniba (aotn)
dreamcastmoe – much more (ghostly international)
alhaji waziri oshomah – okhume ukhaduame (luaka bop)
libido – hold on to your fire (grapefruit)
microdisney – horse overboard (cherry red)
shoot – on the frontier (grapefruit)
joyeria – 9 to 5 (speedy wunderground)
woodentops – move me (cherry red)

this is not a disco 221022

lomond campbell – even songbirds suffer (oli)
das ende der liebe – tokyo (anunaki tabla)
chloe kim – tiki taka on drums (spirituals)
amelia cuni – raga alhaiya bilaval (black truffle)
mathias delplanque – seuil 6 (ici d’ailleursminds travels series)
moresounds – aheya (original cultures)
sam prekop – b3 fall is farewell (tal)
can – cuxhaven 76 zwei
earth room – biophony (related states)
earth room – owl light (related states)
uto – elisa (pain surprises records, infiné)
uto – behind windows (pain surprises records, infiné)
sirintip – stranger of the sea (ropeadope)
arthur king – living in tech (akp)
arthur king – existence (akp)
catherine graindorge featuring iggy pop – mud i- ii (glitterbeat)
mehmet aslan – garden ft. valentina magaletti (planisphere) rewind
erik buschmann – worthless (reflektor records)
sirintip – 1.5 (ropeadope)
esa pethman – the flame (we jazz)
centipede – septober energy part four (esoteric)
cats in the kitchen – marcia
cats in the kitchen – cane e gatto

random jukebox 201022

joshua amour – don’t let go (astral people recordings)
moresounds – your face (original cultures)
liraz – azizam (glitterbeat)
repeat orchestra – monks in a club (couldn’t care more)
don carlos & s – music all night (deep in milano mix)
lea porcelain – ohio (julien bracht remix) (system records)
jesse tabish – keep you right (pias)
julie driscoll – leaving it all behind (esoteric)
sirintip – plastic bird (ropeadope)
florence adooni – fo yelle (philophon)
guinu – porta~o de ferro (carrot green remix) (razor’n’tape)
goose down – mind rinse (spatial touch)
can – cuxhaven 76 eins
mehmet aslan – tangerine sun (planisphere)
lambchop – little black boxes (merge)
matthew j. rolin – vent (american dreams)
ernesto djédjé – nini (analog africa)
tonarunur – syntho de janeiro (citizens of vice)
di laif – la cura (ft. molow) (shika shika) rewind
klein zage – prince (we are rhythm section)
moresounds – we rule (original cultures)
uto – row paddle (pain surprises records, infiné)
julie odell – envelope (french kiss)
billy nomates – balance is gone (invada)
traynor – kalessin (traynor music)
kerala dust – pulse vi (pias)
marc almond – say hello, wave goodbye

this is not a disco 151022

ojkos & andreas rotevatn – morgon i novgorod (odin)
scaring the mice for revenge – a charming snake pit (prohibited)
siavash amini & eugene thacker – burnt black eyes (for sadeq hedayat) (hallow ground)
samuel rohrer – oxygen beat (arjunamusic)
nabelóse – kern (bohemian drips)
s8jfou – lines (parapente)
set fire to flames – i will be true…’ (from lips of lying dying wonder body #1) reign rebuilder [head] (130701)
s8jfou – character (parapente)
oberst & buchner – 3442 ft (heimlich musik)
markus guentner – babylon (affin ltd)
markus guentner – keep your eyes closed (affin ltd)
qasim naqvi andrew cyrille wadada leo smith – for d.f. (red hook) rewind
moritz von oswald trio – chapter 2 peverelist remix (modern recordings)
samuel rohrer – cteneophora (arjunamusic)
sprung aus den wolken – que pa (bureau b)
sprung aus den wolken – noch lange nicht (bureau b)
ojkos & andreas rotevatn – einsemdi (odin)
moss covered technology – brick & air ii (audiobulb)
moss covered technology – brick & air iii (audiobulb)
robert rich & luca formentini – first day (soundscape)
robert rich & luca formentini – for sundays when it rains (soundscape)
tenka – how to spend an aromatic night ~ 23pm 1am ~ (métron)
clarice jensen – disliking (130701)
network of sound – theme 4 (a northern town, pt 1) (self)
network of sound – theme 6 (confetti fall) (self)
photay with carlos nino – h o n o r (intl anthem)