Celebrity Mixtape 005: Ed (Ker-Plunk)


Found out more about Ker-Plunk activities over at https://ker-plunk.world/

1 para one and athur simonini la jeune fille en feu
2 tenderlonious impressions
3 nubya garcia pace
4 opacity the colours that rise
5 jockstrap the city
6 d’angelo and the vanguard prayer
7 robert wyatt the age of self
8 zeitgeist freedom energy exchange rendezvous
9 yves tumor super stars
10 mukesh kabhi kabhi mere dil mein


Playlist 28/05/20


this is not a disco… (long form)

1 matty stecks & musical tramps begging the beguine (ropeadope)
2 john coltrane out of this world (el)
3 yusef lateef morning (el)
4 france jobin p (editions mego) *rewind*
5 simon fisher turner and edmund de waal they could visit (mute)
6 kassel jaeger & jim o’rourke in cobalt aura sleeps 2 (editions mego)
7 eyvind kang tampura and harpsichord (ideologic organ)
8 klara lewis ingrid (editions mego)


Playlist for 28/05/20

bonus beats

1 westerman think i’ll stay (pias)
2 ane brun don’t run and hide (balloon ranger)
3 kameelah waheed holding on (original version) (ramrock red records)
4 maribou state mother (radio edit) (ninja tune)
5 the spitfires (just won’t) keep me down (acid jazz)
6 international teachers of pop don’t diss the disco (desolate spools republic of music)
7 wheelup vitruvian man (tru thoughts)
8 red axes ft. adi bronicki sticks & stones (dark entries)
9 tiny stills everything is going great (self)
10 other lives hey hey i (pias)
11 soap & skin what’s up (pias)
12 steve dawson last flight out (self)
13 bruce brubaker and max cooper the poet acts (infine)
14 chip wickham the cosmos (lovemonk)

Playlist for 26/05/20


bonus beats

1 joan as police woman kiss (sweet police pias)
2 michele mercure lily’s theme (rvng intl + freedom to spend)
3 maajo a song for spring (queen nanny)
4 matthias grübel atlantika (truth table)
5 yeah but no i still keep love for you (sinnbus)
6 mieko shimizu my shell (street furniture)
7 orlando weeks blood sugar (pias)
8 jo david meyer lysne & mats eilertsen byakjela (hubro)
9 vladislav delay/sly dunbar/robbie shakespeare (516) (sub rosa)
10 muriel grossmann chant (jazzman) *rewind*
11 shawn lee kiss the sky (tbc)
12 thor de force rug that ties the room (ropeadope)
13 the breathing effect glass dance (alpha pup)
14 matthew trobert cooper & mar t smith outlook for the future (temporary residence)
15 the dynamites / clancy eccles sunday version (doctor bird)
16 tony allen & hugh masekela never (lagos never gonna be the same) (world circuit)
17 y-bayani, baby naa & the band of enlightenment, reason and love nsie nsie (philophon)
18 mentrix nature (pahlavan seda remix) (house of strength)
19 susan alcorn (arr by janel leppin) uma’s river song of love (ideologic organ)
20 muzz broken tambourine (short intro) (matador)
21 beauty pill tattooed love boys (northern spy)
22 lesley barth woman looking back at me (tbc)
23 boat so many reasons your hair turns grey (magic marker)
24 shape of the rain woman (grapefruit)
25 niels gordon inner grounds (lamour records)
26 dominic grimaud the next song n°10 (discrepant)
27 phillip sollmann mono (a-ton + ostgut verlag)



Celebrity Mixtape 004: The Decasia Twins


Our fourth mixtape was put together as an online collaboration by The Decasia Twins on a “one deck each” basis. Other than that they’re keeping tight-lipped.

1 climax golden twins dead people
2 dantalian’s chariot this island
3 eric burdon and the animals winds of change
4 stelvio cipriani sophisticated shake
5 the heliocentrics light in the dark
6 shawn lee’s ping pong tense bossa
7 serge gainsbourg requiem pour un con
8 guy pedersen les copains de la basse
9 speedometer kashmir
10 the mohawks champ
11 lowell fulsom tramp
12 wally asp funky pusher
13 james last orchestra inner city blues
14 ccs primitive love
15 the mugratroyd band magpie
16 pro arte orchestra stari dvorac
17 brian auger maiden voyage
18 climax golden twins dead people


Playlist for 21/05/20


this is not a disco…

1 nick hakim vincent tyler (ato)
2 phillip sollmann chance (a-ton + ostgut verlag)
3 niels gordon outer grounds (lamour records)
4 francine perry, jens t thomsen & simon williams contrail (trestle)
5 matthias grübel stars under the snow (truth table)
6 c. lavender expel the atrophy (editions mego)
7 cucina povera & els 1427°c (editions mego)
8 muriel grossmann peace for all (jazzman)
9 cloudchord nowhere fast (cloudchord)
10 kamasi washington becoming (young turks)
11 tenderlonious in the night (jazz detective)
12 vladislav delay, sly dunbar, robbie shakespeare (518) (sub rosa)
13 thor de force spiral knowledge (ropeadope)
14 billy polo introduction dub (ropeadope)
15 bruce brubaker and max cooper two pages (infine) *rewind*
16 angelina yershova desert mirage (ay)
17 bing & ruth live forever (4ad)
18 mieko shimizu snake of a summer (street furniture)
19 andrew tuttle vienna intersection (someone good)
20 andrew tuttle scribbly gums park (someone good)
21 kcin (nicholas meredith), tilman robinson, aphir (becki whitton) the garden of earthly delights – panel 1 (trestle)
22 via nova ensemble potato wassail (focused silence)
23 tim stine trio talking faster (astral spirits)
24 tilman robinson we came for your riches (bedroom community)
25 nick hakim wtmmg (ato)

Playlist for 19/05/20


random jukebox

1 kaitlyn aurelia smith expanding electricity (ghostly international)
2 nick hakim all these changes (ato)
3 boy azooga ufo (heavenly)
4 nick hakim qadir (ato)
5 ernest ellis be the pariah (self)
6 mieko shimizu me my ghost  (street furniture)
7 fotomachine bboy (bis)
8 jess williamson infinite scroll (edit) (mexican summer)
9 pictish trail double sided (fire)
10 via nova ensemble blackberry wassail (focused silence)
11 meat whiplash don’t slip up (optic nerve)
12 niels gordon voyage dans la nuit (lamour records) *rewind*
13 bruce brubaker and max cooper two pages (infine)
14 billy polo galaxia dub (ropeadope)
15 lesley barth if love doesn’t change you (self)
16 becky and the birds wondering (4ad)
17 angelina yershova bluvis blu (ay)
18 vladislav delay, sly dunbar, robbie shakespeare (521) (sub rosa)
19 scuti huh (good machine)
20 maike zazie erdbeben (mathias gruebel rework) (7k)
21 demian licht instinto (motus records)
22 formerlover correction dub (viscera)
23 andrew tuttle platypus corridor (someone good)
24 mark lanegan bleed all over (heavenly)
25 destroyer cue synthesizer (merge)


Celebrity Mixtape 003: Nick Radford

nick r

Tonight’s uplifting Celebrity Mixtape on @the_source_fm was by Nick Radford aka @frootfulnick @MightySceptres #SoulCookin’. 60 mins of deep digging original 45s. Available now on Listen Again. And do check out https://frootful.co.uk/music. Here’s the playlist:

1 barbara & brenda never love a robin
2 young-holt unlimited straight ahead
3 larry banks ooh it hurts me
4 the c.o.d.’s i’m a good guy
5 the adorables deep freeze
6 jackie wilson big boss line
7 ray sharpe help me-part i (get the feeling)
8 j hines & the fellows victory strut
9 ray pettis question & answer
10 jimmy gilford misery street
11 sarah vaughn mama (he treats your daughter mean)
12 the exits you got to have money
13 the salty peppers la la time-part i
14 the steelers get it from the bottom
15 detroit city limits honey chile
16 etta james mellow fellow
17 chuck edwards I don’t want no company
18 the precisions if this is love
19 samson & delilah keep me in mind
20 margie joseph one more chance
21 the four puzzles especially for you baby
22 sony dave daye & the muffins merry-go-round
23 the wailers I’m still waiting

Playlist for 14/05/20

folderThis is not a disco…

1 prince far i david (doctor bird)
2 dominique grimaud the day you can love (discrepant)
3 andreilien zoom (alpha pup)
4 matty stecks & musical tramps mb blues (ropeadope)
5 susan alcorn mercedes sosa (ideologic organ)
6 michele mercure mask dance (rvng intl + freedom to spend)
7 daedelus mahogany (dome of doom)
8 daedelus yew and me (dome of doom)
9 ludwig wandinger defh (average negative)
10 magic drum orchestra parade skank (blood wine or honey remix) (tru thoughts)
11 aaron parks is anything okay (ropeadope)
12 christoph dahlberg ten days after (sonderling)
13 resina procession/surface (m8n remix) (130701)
14 jo david meyer lysne & mats eilertsen furumokjela (hubro)
15 chip wickham double cross (lovemonk)
16 asher gamedze state of emergence suite – third movement synthesis (on the corner)
17 kalle moberg chanson – to theis on his 1st birthday (kamo)
18 france jobin soar (editions mego)
19 eyvind kang push off (ideologic organ)
20 mentrix walk (abu ama’s witchy daddy remix) (house of strength)
21 dominic grimaud soft voice (discrepant)
22 talsounds else (nna tapes) *rewind*
23 erik griswold introduction and hive room(room 40)
24 fra fra i will follow you for life, everywhere (glitterbeat)
25 torb the roach & floppy mcspace en for ultraman (ku)
26 ross downes an island hijacked (trestle)
27 wukir suriyadi spatula (unexplained sounds group)
28 the breathing effect goodnight, i love you (alpha pup)
29 prince far i i and i are the chosen one (doctor bird)

Playlist for 12/05/20

Random Jukebox

1 dominic grimaud from bottom of the sea (discrepant)
2 magic drum orchestra ft farad p two b’s one white (biggas dunn’s river version) (tru thoughts)
3 claptone ft mylo drop the pressure (different recordings)
4 alinka do what u want 4pm mix (fantasy life)
5 ken 45 your body (soul central remix) (electric mode)
6 tootard moonlight (glitterbeat)
7 matty stecks & musical tramp siddartha (ropeadope)
8 magic drum orchestra ft farad p two b’s one white (minor science remix) (tru thoughts)
9 prince far i golden throne (doctor bird)
10 mentrix nature (deadbeat’s internal war dub) (house of strength)
11 malena zavela la yarará (yucatan)
12 christoph dahlberg guardians (sonderling)
13 jarv is… house music all night long (jason’s jack is remix) (rough trade)
14 edikanfo something lefeh-o (glitterbeat)
15 aksak maboul silent silhouettes (crammed discs)
16 chip wickham interstellar (lovemonk) *rewind*
17 soul central the destroyer (electric mode)
18 squid sludge (radio edit) (warp)
19 clancy eccles power for the people (part 1) (doctor bird)
20 the fabulous flames holly holy (doctor bird)
21 mello & the mellotones haile selassie (doctor bird)
22 lord creator passing through  (doctor bird)
23 clancy eccles power for the people (part 2) (doctor bird)
24 mick harvey turkish theme (mute)
25 aaron parks where now (ropeadope)
26 steve dawson the monkey mind is on the prowl (self)

Celebrity Mixtape 002: Angeline Morrison


Our second guest mixtaper was Angeline Morrison of We Are Muffy, The Mighty Sceptres and Ambassadors of Sorrow. Here’s the track list and we are also working on a repeat / listen again link.

1 el diablo bellies with gold
2 j d mcpherson north side gal
3 kishore kumar roop tera mastana
4 heinz just like eddie
5 shirley collins love is teasing
6 kamahl sounds of goodbye
7 bob marley and the wailers nice time
8 the shangri-las remember (walkin’ in the sand)
9 dirty projectors overlord
10 serge gainsbourg le poinçonneur de lilas
11 the honeybus i can’t let maggie go

Photo Credit https://www.pexels.com/@eyeswithmyopia