Playlists for 04/02/21

random jukebox (bonus beats)

1 kenny segal  corduroy shorts (dome of doom)
2 joel st. julien  very fine people (bandcamp)
3 butcher brown  fonkadelica (concord jazz)
4 butcher brown  broad rock (concord jazz)
5 soviet space research institute (ssri)  a black cat’s journey to the other side (line explorations)
6 felbm  brunnengasse (soundway)
7 jahjaylee  right, right. right (fantastic voyage)
8 jiggler  out of the dark (stil vor talent)
9 rejoicer  third eye jungle run (live) (stones throw)
10 secretsundaze  devious (secretsundaze)
11 ben & dylan  hanging waters (waterworld)
12 jah wobble  lam tang way dub  (30 hertz)

this is not a disco

1 land systems  goodbye (edit) (spirit level)
2 david toop  animals and i we had dealings together (ana ott)
3 al wootton  ashe (trule)
4 daniel avery  into the voice of stillness (phantasy)
5 prima kanta  xiao xu (les disques linoleum)
6 behrang & sean  poshtesh bahare (johanna knuttson remix)
7 robohands  villains (king underground)
8 mason lindahl  soft light (tompkins square)
9 mason lindahl  fantasy in spectacle (tompkins square)
10 bruce brubaker & max cooper  opening (laurel halo version) (infine) *rewind*
11 binker and moses  leaving the now behind (gearbox)
12 mario rom’s interzone  you’ll fine me no more (traumton)
13 marta finkelštein, yiorgis sakellariou, dominykas digimas as it came into my little attic (mic lithuania)
14 lion’s drums  alouatta (hembra) (lion’s drums)
15 mara  singing (spirit level)
16 martina bertoni  in circles of thoughts   blue ed. (karl)
17 gooooose  ion (super hexagon records )
18 iami   hass (1hx)
19 murcof  underwater lament (leaf)
20 clarice jensen  summer (130701)
21 mindy meng wang x tim shiel  hidden qi  (music in exile )
22 luzmila carpio  amaotayku avelino sinani (el buho remix) (zzk)
23 chaz knapp  my tmj pain might be an abscess  (figure eight)
24 alina kalancea  spell (tribute to maria tanase) (important)
25 ai yamamoto  late morning (someone good)
26 nick schofield  ambient architect (backward music)

Playlist for 02/02/21

random jukebox (mix)

1 robbie & mona  fidelity (spinny nights)
2 the besnard lakes  raindrops (fatcat records or full time hobby chk)
3 conny frischauf  rauf (bureau b)
4 luzmila carpio  tarpuricusum sarata (king coya remix) (zzk)
5 nahawa doumbia  ndiagneko (awesome tapes from africa)
6 ghetto priest  hercules (ramrock)
7 the invisible sessions  people all around the world, can make it (space echo)
8 hania rani  nest (portico quartet remix) (gondwana)
9 puma blue  opiate (blue flower)
10 tamil rogeon  house no wheels (radio edit) (soul bank music)
11 nhar  sensor array (feines tier)
12 the mfa  oranges and lemons (extrawelt remix) (traumton)
13 shohei amimori  insulok (noble)
14 tassos chalkias  palia itia (old willow tree) (radio martiko)
15 david walters  sam cook di (heavenly sweetness)
16 caravela  mar pretu (none more)
17 ora  i am a stranger to my life (grapefruit) *rewind*
18 ora  seashore (grapefruit)
19 astronautica  counter offers (alpha pup)
20 marc almond and nico your kisses burn (sfe)
21 portico quartet with, beside, against (hania rani remix) (gondwana)
22 curved air  young mother (esoteric)
23 tommy james & the shondells  cleo’s mood (grapefruit)
24 tommy james & the shondells  she cried (grapefruit)
25 mindy meng wang x tim shiel  body of water (what is love) (music in exile )
26 thomas blondet & steve rubin  seascapes (rhythm & culture)
27 gotts street park ft pip miller change my ways (blue flower)
28 robohands  odysea (ku)
29 ted barnes  arrangements (mornington)

Playlists for 28/01/21

random jukebox (bonus beats)

1 barra brown  ride (feat. epp) (cavity search)
2 skeleten  biting stone (astral people)
3 the lounge society  burn the heather (speedy wunderground)
4 the breathing effect  what we do (alpha pup)
5 ora  the seagull and the sailor (grapefruit)
6 wulu  sarf 5 slight return (tbc)
7 beat junkies  all mine (ugly music)
8 bobby wright  sex chants (ugly music)
9 katy j pearson  tonight (heavenly recordings)
10 black country, new road  track x (ninja tune)
11 san holo  bb u ok (counter)
12 pom poko  andrew (bella union)
13 the besnard lakes  blackstrap (full time hobby)
14 farhot  kishmish (kabul fire)
15 ghostpoet  bruised fruit (good machine)

this is not a disco (long form)

1 aseret  embrace the clouds (midira)
2 binker and moses   intoxication from the jahvmonishi leaves (gearbox records)
3 viatorism  version 5 (mille plateaux)
4 randi pontoppidan & thomas buckner  blessing (chant)
5 patrick ascione  danse de l’aube (empreintes digitales)
6 martina bertoni  moving nature
7 elliott sharp  sea maid takes all (infrequent seams)
8 prima kanta  tong (les disques linoleum)
9 ai yamamoto  evening night fall  fire, cricket, wine glass etc (someone good) *rewind*
10 richard haynes  schattenlinie (cubus records)
11 pierre luc lecours e´clats  noir (2018) (empreintes digitale)
12 mads emil nielsen  endeavour (2020 remaster) (arbitrary)
13 university challenged  reverse swing (hive mind)

Playlist for 26/01/21

random jukebox (mix)

1 lionmilk  hope you are well (leaving)
2 luiz gabriel lopes  venus (da lata)
3 mario rom’s interzone  what you say (traumton) *rewind*
4 d-ren 1  female (ugly music)
5 fickle friends  million (self)
6 robbie & mona  slow club luv (spinny nights)
7 kalbells  purplepink (nna tapes)
8 wheelup ft  afronaut, brint story & destiny will   good love (tru thoughts)
9 teeth agency  anon (stones throw)
10 sophie  bipp (autechre mx) (numbers)
11 ikoqwe  pele (crammed discs)
12 seyaa penn francis  moving in reverse (sxn)
13 nikitch & kuna maze  46 rue du fort (crafty 893 remix) (tru thoughts)
14 mush  seven trumpets edit (memphis industries)
15 beli  find out (beli)
16 melby  old life (rama lama)
17 ancient astronauts ft joyce olong pagliacci´s reprise (switchstance)
18 timo lassy & teppo mäkynen  calling james (live) (we jazz)
19 richard von der schulenburg (rvds)  dance of the space pentax (bureau b)
20 fontaines d.c  a hero’s death (soulwax remix) (partisan)
21 ikoqwe  pele (madmadmad remix) (crammed discs)
22 snowk ft froya miyanohara (warners japan)
23 benny sings ft. tom misch  nobody’s fault  (stones throw)
24 anka foh  kounady (shika shika)
25 minor moon  no lightning fix (ruination & whatever’s clever)
26 finis africae  hybla (bongo joe)
27 crasse  tilted feat. novaa (digitalis )
28 conny frischauf  auf wiedersehn (bureau b)
29 clever girls  baby blue (egghunt)
30 goat girl  badibaba (rough trade)
31 marc almond these my dreams are yours (sfe)

Playlists for 21/01/21

random jukebox (bonus beats)

1self jupiter  the master’s lemonade (the order label)
2m’lumbo and jane ira bloom  rock around the clock remix 2020 (ropeadope)
3multiquarium big band  three views of a secret (naïve believe)
4the armed gang  you (espacial disco)
5poolside w/drama i feel high (pacific standard)
6astronautica  valle (alpha pup)
7rabii harnoune & v.b.kühl  yomali (wheelup remix) (tru thoughts)
8mekbuda  distant shining (ubiquity)
9harmonious thelonious  interpretation de reve (bureau b)
10bonnie prince charlie  dead man’s island (textile)
11july dreams (grapefruit)
12the free design  eleanor rigby (grapefruit)
13three queens in the morning  no more workhouse blues (textile)

this is not a disco

1 auvinen  akkosaari (editions mego)
2 auvinen  kyläläiset tanssii (editions mego)
3 bénédicte  glass test (blueberry)
4 aksak maboul  un caid (spooky j remix) (crammed discs)
5 linus hillborg  vårbergsobservatoriet (moloton)
6 soundwalk collective  running on emptiness (concentric)
7 alina kalancea  horizons (after a silent walk) (important)
8 fraternity  canyon suite / grand canyon suite(lemon)
9 etapp kyle  10k (concentric)
10 christina vantzou  dvorjacked (concentric)
11 act!  section 1 ( halocine)
12 v4w.enko  pymol pattern (g89)
13 el nino diablo  unchained (elninodiablomusic)
14 anthropoda  green light (tiny room)
15 apifera  the pit & the beggar (stones throw)
16 sleaford mods  little bits (rough trade)
17 hilmar o jaxen  enlightened (ys) (spirit level)
18 sui zhen  pavilion theme (spirit level)
19 nick schofield  mirror image (backward music) *rewind*
20 curved air  ultra vivaldi (esoteric)
21 rêves sonores   mondial (youngbloods)

Playlist for 19/01/21

random jukebox

1 michael wimberly  lovin everywhere (acapella) (temple mountain)
2 house of love  christine (optic nerve)
3 outlaw boogie  slow burn (self)
4 joseph efi  this is lovely (self)
5 aksak maboul  un cai¨d (hello skinny remix) (crammed discs)
6 sleaford mods  nudge it clean (rough trade)
7 another new thing  no one cares what you’re thinking about (self)
8 hilang child  king qial (bella union)
9 michael wimberly ft. sharief hobley alive (temple mountain)
10 fraternity  raglan’s folly (lemon)
11 fraternity  cool spot (lemon)
12 diogo strausz  50 anos em 5  (razor n tape)
13 altin gün  yüce dag basinda (radio edit) (glitterbeat)
14 the young knives  i am awake (gadzöök)
15 outlaw boogie  dreamz (self)
16 future islands  for sure (dan deacon remix) (edit) (4ad)
17 elia y elizabeth  alegría (yuksek remix) (razor n tape)
18 noga erez  end of the road (city slang) *rewind*
19 etienne de la sayette  jajinmori (renegades of jazz remix) (muju)
20 str4ta  rhythm in your mind (brownswood)
21 pom poko  like a lady (bella union)
22 fruit bats  holy rose (merge)
23 goat girl  the crack (rough trade)
24 everything is recorded ft berwyn  the night (clipz remix edit) (xl)
25 dry cleaning  scratchcard lanyard (4ad)
26 maps  something new (the other two mix) (mute)
27 yung  friends on ice (pnkslm)
28 this is the kit  no such thing edit (rough trade)
29 field works   la’ali’ (temporary residence)
30 apifera  four green yellows (stones throw)
31 joao selva  navegar (underdog)

Playlists for 14/01/21

random jukebox (bonus beats)

1 s8jfou  fond memories of youth (parapente music)
2 kidd mojo  theshapeoffunk2come (hyperjazz)
3 barra brown ft epp ride (cavity search)
4 mogollar  iklig (night dreamer)
5 mdou moctar  chismiten (matador)
6 sinéad o’connor  trouble of the world (heavenly)
7 tiziano popoli  iunu wenimo (rvng intl)
8 joey pecoraro  lost in the wilderness (alpha pup)
9 ane brun  crumbs (balloon ranger)
10 crly x westseven  give life (1hx)
11 mieux  params (affine records)
12 duke  light of love (self)
13 the diabolical liberties  sliders (on the corner)
14 vis a vis kankyema (we are busy bodies)

this is not a disco

1 wax tailor  fear of a blind planet (lab’oratoire)
2 frythm  braniac (sxn)
3 frythm  don’t cry (sxn)
4 lars bröndum  the legend of dagon (eighth tower records)
5 yanik park  ohayashi (polifonic)
6 sole  firefish (black box tapes)
7 twenty fingers duo  walking through the three points (mic lithuania)
8 jeff rona  vapor #1 (wide blue sky)
9 mombi yuleman  dreaming of innsmouth (eighth tower records)
10 zeitgeist & tucceri  tzimtzum (la sape)
11 ka baird  i (rvng intl)
12 james bangura  texts of murakami  (art e fax)
13 richie hawtin  richie hawtin concept 1 9607 1300 (bandcamp)
14 mandel  mini suite i (bedroom community)
15 mandel  nhatrang (bedroom community)
16 arnold de boer  who is here is from here (makkum)
17 meril wubslin  laisser parler (bongo joe)
18 kasper agnas  far away, closer (haphazard music)
19 arnold de boer  belt (makkum)
20 nick schofield  travertine museum (backward music)
21 ryan dugre  foxglove (11a)
22 mind safari  healing process (rave tuga)
23 rachika nayar  the trembling of glass (nna tapes)
24 francis inferno orchestra  psychotria think tank (polifonic)
25 simone de kunovich  passiflora dub (polifonic)
26 wax tailor  never forget (lab’oratoire)

Playlist for 12/01/21

random jukebox

1james banguraincoherent response (art-e-fax)
2j0erumy pet snake plant (sxn)
3puma bluesilk print (blue flowers)
4skinshapebehind the sun (lewis recordings)
5late year (otxhello & dilip)be u (alpha pup)
6tsurudano more (alpha pup)
7twintimesweb! (alpha pup)
8r.a.p. ferreira & scallops hotelthe cough bomber’s return (ruby yacht)
9nayana izpartner in crime (different)
10meril wubslinlà-autour (bongo joe)
11hilang childmagical fingertip (bella union)
12páula. povoa & jergeprimavera (hologram teen’s cristo redentor remix) (moshi moshi) *rewind*
13yanik parkponytrip (polifonic)
14richie hawtinconcept 1 9612 0000 bonus (bandcamp)
15onipafire (mawimbi remix) (mawimbi)
16hemai ft. emilia anastazjanoa noa feat (tru thoughts)
17chaiplastic love (sub pop)
18young knivesjenny haniver (republic of mind)
19wax tailor ft. mark laneganjust a candle (lab’oratoire)
20my morning jacketrun it (radio edit) (ato)
21michael feuerstacki used to be a singer (forward music group)
22mandelmini suite ii (bedroom community)
23salami rose joe louiswe’re dumb (brainfeeder)
24badmixdayeasy the kid not anymore (dome of doom)
25caravelaa macieira (none more)
26m wardyou’ve changed (anti)
27cory hansonpaper fog (drag city)
28cloudchordpurple rain (cloudchord)
29julia bardoit’s okay (to not be okay) (wichita)
30lphow low can you go (sota)

Playlist for 31/12/20

this is not a disco 2020 rewind part 2

1javier hernandonovilunar (la olla express)
2joshua van tasselconjuror-er (backward music)
3bambithe first snow of the winter (spinning top)
4jana irmerteverything minus all (fabrique)
5deadbeat & paul st. hilairecheck what time it is (another moon)
6silvia tarozzidomina (unseen worlds)
7bhajan bhoymagicho (wormer bros)
8aki tsuyukothrough six rooms (rvng intl.)
9michael grigoni & stephen vitielloa clearing (12k)
10uymitsua sparrow’s wings (24 karrot records)
11vibration black fingeracting for liberation pt 1 (jazzman)
12anteloperisotope 420° (intl anthem)
13jane in palmaquiet sky (sfr records)
14shackleton & zimpel primal drones (cosmo rhythmatic)
15l’exotighostcha cha challoween (everlasting records)
16marta de pascalissonus ruinae part 1 (morphine records)
albums of the year
17adam coney, anders holst & duncan marquissfrom isolation 1 & 2 (trestle)
18ustad saami aman (peace) (glitterbeat)
19bing & ruthi had no dream (4ad)
20william basinskitear vial lamentations
21bruce brubaker & max coopertwo pages (infine)
and to end
stephan mathieu , ekkehard ehlers

new years eve (keplar)

Playlist for 29/12/20

random jukebox 2020 rewind part 2

1heinalivita nova (injazero)
2andree burellicum sidera (american dream)
3king krulealone, omen 3 (xl)
4matt berrysomething in my eye (acid jazz)
5colin blunstonecaroline goodbye (grapefruit)
6isobel campbellhey world (cooking vinyl)
7jaga jazziestspiral era (brainfeeder)
8kellindosummertime (quickfire)
9daniel.t all thai’d up (razor n tape)
10dukes of chutney ft wovettelittle war (beats in space)
11andersensempty love (morr music)
12the flaming lipsflowers of neptune 6 (bella union)
13the frugal soundnorwegian wood (grapefruit)
14jon hassell farafinaflash of the spirit laughter (tak:til)
single tracks of the year
15other liveswe wait (pias)
16sam burtonnothing touches me (tompkins square)
17canto clubhang on to (rfx edit) (fauve records)
18william basinski please, this has got to stop (temporary residence)
19dana gavanskii talk to the wind (full time hobby)
albums of the year
20thurston mooredreamers work (daydream library series)
21thurston moorehashish (daydream library series)
22keeley forsythlook to yourself (leaf)
23keeley forsythlarge oak (leaf)
24craven faults deipkier (leaf)
25dana gavanskigood instead of bad (full time hobby)
26mellaamakin’ love in the fast lane (bbe music)
27peter brownwithout love (bbe music)

Playlist for 24/12/20

this is not a disco 2020 rewind part 1

1soviet space research institute (ssri)a black cat’s journey to the other side (line explorations)
2heathered pearls ft. santpoort, shigeto & krzysztof wodiczkolife out of balance (ghostly tales)
3wanderist2r2t (ambient mix) (aus)
4vitor joaquimeginning (self)
5roedeliusebenfalls (bureau b)
6jaga jazzistthe shrine (brainfeeder)
7kai schumacherrausch (paul frick’s kraut mix) (neue meister)
8mark mcguirein every direction (aural canyon)
9aidan baker & gareth davishidden (karl)
10johhny woodsdawn two (behind the sky)
11tony allen & hugh masekelawe’ve landed (matthew herbert’s absence dub remix) (world circuit)
12kahil el’zabar, david murrayin my house (spiritmuse)
13julianna barwickevening (rvng intl)
14talsoundselse (nna tapes)
15steve roachescher sketch (behind the sky)
16bahía de ascensoalter (ropeadope)
17big bloodave maria (schubert) (feeding tube)

Playlist for 22/12/20

random jukebox 2020 rewind part 1

1craven faultsvacca wall (leaf)
2aditya prakash ensemblewave for an ocean (ropeadope)
3joan as police womanlife’s what you make it (sweet police/pias)
4l.a salamithe age of glass (redux) (sunday best)
5all them witchesrats in ruin (new west)
6beverly glenn-copelandla vita (bella union)
7elijaheli’s exodus (contagion discs)
8thiago nassifrijo jorra já (gearbox)
9green gartsidetangled man (rough trade)
10templesparaphernalia (ato)
11nelson of the easthyperion (tartelet)
12niels gordonvoyage dans la nuit (lamour records)
13brona mcvittiethe green man (self)
14ahu ft defarii & i 2 (inner tribe)
15katie von schleicherbrutality (full time hobby)
16keeley forsythphotograph (leaf)
17dana gavanskiat last i am free (full time hobby)
18muriel grossmannchant (jazzman)
19chip wickhaminterstellar (lovemonk)
20dan rosenboomstill (gearbox)
21deep throat choirlike a mountain (bella union)