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this is not a disco 151022

ojkos & andreas rotevatn – morgon i novgorod (odin)
scaring the mice for revenge – a charming snake pit (prohibited)
siavash amini & eugene thacker – burnt black eyes (for sadeq hedayat) (hallow ground)
samuel rohrer – oxygen beat (arjunamusic)
nabelóse – kern (bohemian drips)
s8jfou – lines (parapente)
set fire to flames – i will be true…’ (from lips of lying dying wonder body #1) reign rebuilder [head] (130701)
s8jfou – character (parapente)
oberst & buchner – 3442 ft (heimlich musik)
markus guentner – babylon (affin ltd)
markus guentner – keep your eyes closed (affin ltd)
qasim naqvi andrew cyrille wadada leo smith – for d.f. (red hook) rewind
moritz von oswald trio – chapter 2 peverelist remix (modern recordings)
samuel rohrer – cteneophora (arjunamusic)
sprung aus den wolken – que pa (bureau b)
sprung aus den wolken – noch lange nicht (bureau b)
ojkos & andreas rotevatn – einsemdi (odin)
moss covered technology – brick & air ii (audiobulb)
moss covered technology – brick & air iii (audiobulb)
robert rich & luca formentini – first day (soundscape)
robert rich & luca formentini – for sundays when it rains (soundscape)
tenka – how to spend an aromatic night ~ 23pm 1am ~ (métron)
clarice jensen – disliking (130701)
network of sound – theme 4 (a northern town, pt 1) (self)
network of sound – theme 6 (confetti fall) (self)
photay with carlos nino – h o n o r (intl anthem)

random jukebox 131022

gilla band – post ryan (rough trade)
chalo – recollection (more rice)
alice boman – feels like a dream (pias)
1000 robota – erde heben (tapete)
the national – weird goodbyes feat. bon iver (4ad)
bob holroyd – games without frontiers (radio edit) (six degrees)
abhra – the river speaks (onze heures onze)
abhra – my entire occupation (onze heures onze)
tom skinner – bishara (brownswood)
etceteral – rome burns (tak:til)
erik buschmann – painted snakes ft. klangstof (reflektor records)
greg foat – psychosynthesis (crooked man psycrooked remix) (foundation music)
dynoman – made to move (dynoman music)
dot tap – roses (headahead)
ian ellison – behind a yellow line (pseudonote)
the cradle – lights off (nna tapes)
kutiman – always be alone (siyal) rewind
delish – talk (sheep chase)
algebra – unexpected things (imaabs remix) (creaked)
dj tennis – repeater (aus)
dam swindle – good woman (heist)
julio j – c9 (sfr)
dj honda – my mercedes (viscious)
asa 808 – boy, crush (toys berlin)
laure briard – my love is right (midnight special)
johnny flynn – through the misty (emi)
manfred mann’s earthband – joybringer (grapefrui)
medicine head – rising sun (grapefruit)
mouse – all the fallen teen angels (grapefruit)
allison lorenzen – the fourth cycle (whited sepulchre)

this is not a disco 081022

amir yaghmai – white turtleneck (colorfield)
delish – thought dream (sheep chase)
nabelóse  – tauchen (bohemian drips)
yair etziony – diana (lamour)
flak – warming up with the moon [live in lisbon) (shhpuma) rewind
chalo – recollection (d. tiffany remix) (more rice)
catherine graindorge featuring iggy pop – the dictator (glitterbeat)
33 – thomas the obscure w/ patrick belaga (c.a.n.v.a.s)
brett deubner – hymns to ra mov1 (birs)
erik griswold – ghosts (room40)
saint abdullah – bareekullah picnic (other people)
elijah mclaughlin ensemble – zodiac rabbit (tompkins square)
ian ellison – 22 spots (pseudonote)
bob holroyd – games without frontiers (after hours mix) (six degrees)
photay with carlos nino – c u r r e n t (intl anthem)
brett deubner – three minatures mov1 (birs)
asa 808 – en ég stend alltaf upp (toys berlin)
erik buschmann – dad i’m home (reflektor records)
erik buschmann – nightcrawler (reflektor records)
abhra – birds are taught by the snow (onze heures onze)
abhra – this is where the sea ends (onze heures onze)
keeley forsyth – land animal (ben frost remix) (leaf)
uisato – reconoɔǝя 123 rmxs (self)
juhani silvola – the eternal present (shhpuma)

this is not a disco 011022

aaron martin – a threat emerges (lost tribe)
glós – serenity (for sofia) (affin)
clarice jensen – joy (130721)
joachim spieth – autumn winter (affin)
bill orcutt – a different view (palilalia)
other lands – homewords (aotn)
makaya mccraven – the fours (intl anthem)
conrad schnitzler & baal & mortimer – ffaall (bureau b)
claude vannier – flipbook (finders keepers)
clear path ensemble – sunrise motif (soundway)
the music of sound – street recordings (part 2 instrumental) (dimple discs)
chris korda – kasita mondo (chapelle xiv)
guillaume loizillon – virologie (trace)
lune – cats of bakewell (self)
seb martel – mattjam (infiné) rewind
seb martel – tortuga (infiné)
aaron martin – unearthing (lost tribe)
dunam – vrid (midira)
z axis – ccofb (libl)
ambient jazz ensemble – lights go down (here & now)
uisato – reconocer (self)
colin stetson – orthrus (reduction)
maya bennardo, erik blennow calälv, kristofer svensson – in yo (thanatosis)

random jukebox 290922

charles stepney – black gold (intl anthem)
silvan strauss – eyes (kabul fire)
maxine scott x alf.e – ya energy (north street west vocal remix) (ramrock)
lucrecia dalt – atemporal (rvng intl)
jean claude vannier – chasser la bête noire (finders keepers)
clear path ensemble – kihi (soundway)
beatsbyhand – gotsom (stay true sounds)
serrado – quintaessencia (mr bongo)
baby’s berserk – wartime (bongo joe)
ibrahim alfa jnr – tqsm (mille plateaux)
madrid 79 – barcelona 95 (fuego en casa)
a man called adam – starlings (extended vocal mix) (other records)
other lands – selkie road (aotn)
neil macleod – curer (particle)
dj counselling – all the things we’ve been through (ten flowers)
cosmic renaissance feat. anna bassy – wonder (schema)
shotnez – last straw (batov)
guinu – eletromandinga (razor n tape reserve)
balimaya project – seasons of baraka (edit) (jazz re freshed) rewind
alhaji waziri oshomah – ovini omoekeke alhaji inu umoru radio (luaka bop)
bukky sky – your flame (self)
sababa 5 – malca (batov)
housepainters – funkhause (bongo joe)
gates of light – black summer (shimmy disc)
eliza edens – westlawn cemetery (tbc)
saga – ballad of a falmouth man (lumi entertainment)
penny wager – i’ll keep it with mine (lumi entertainment)
folkal point – once i knew a pretty girl (lumi entertainment)
blue horizon – hey, that’s no way to say goodbye (lumi entertainment)
unloved – number in my phone (heavenly)

this is not a disco 240922 (long form edition)

bailey miller – you, softly (whited sepulchre)
dekatron – ionizing waves (verlag system)
radboud mens – start again (ers)
jesu´s antonio vergara – altaer (midira)
almon memela – pelican city (matsuli music)
hans berg – the clearing pt.1 (2mr)
copenhagen clarinet choir – organism (år & dag)
lampen – lampen (we jazz) rewind
rss disco – release me (mireia records)
darkroom – it’s clear from the air (expert sleepers)
odnu – awake (audiobulb)
yara asmar – it’s always october on sunday (hivemind)

random jukebox 220922

kaidi tatham – sooretama ft. robert mitchell (first word)
lakumer – drumjank (libl)
prime time band – fall in love in outer space (turbotito rework) (how do you are)
alan price – groovy times (how do you are)
katy j pearson – howl (heavenly)
jesca hoop – sudden light (memphis industries)
jonathan jeremiah – you make me feel this way (pias) rewind
jonathan jeremiah – youngblood (radio version) (pias)
don melody club – maandag motto (bongo joe)
nina tonji, jay adams & ben molinaro – addiction (bmm)
49th & main – up to something (counter)
oliver sim – gmt (jamie xx remix) (young)
ohma – between all things (colorfield)
z axis – abnormal aphelion (libl)
gemi – show me (gemi)
fleet.dreams – that look (hot haus)
azemad – mahragan (j wiltshire mawal mix) (awkwardly social)
al qasar – sham system (glitterbeat)
warhaus – it had to be you (pias)
chip wickham – tubby chaser (gondwana)
cos – perhaps next record (finders keepers)
cos – good wind (finders keepers)
drab city – pourquoi tu m fous plus des coups (bella union)
pinky ann – party tonight [turbotito & ragz rework] (naya beats)
rss disco – why win (mireia records)
the black pages – there goes (matsuli music)
south funk blvd – skying high (mr bongo)

this is not a disco 170922

joachim spieth – akasha (affin ltd)
odnu – remote controlled human (audiobulb)
azemad – berwaz (awkwardly social)
dekatron – blind architects (verlag system)
yara asmar – there is a science to days like these (but i am a slow learner) (hivemind)
blue mysteries – someone else’s eyes (hivemind)
blue mysteries – anywhere but here (hivemind)
hans berg – the clearing pt.2 (2mr)
dekatron – neptunian twilight (verlag system) rewind
jesu´s antonio vergara – drive aplysia (tegh remix) (midira)
deniz cuylan – clouds over sintra (hush hush)
manuel mota & david grubbs – na margem sul (excerpt) (room40)
bailey miller – still water ii (whited sepulchre)
marc baron & jean-phillipe gross – b6 (eich)
marc baron & jean-phillipe gross – b3 (eich)
chris korda – moonchego (chapelle xiv)
the shaolin afronauts – valley of the crucible (freestyle)
guillaume loizillon – game over (trace)
radboud mens – decay (instant gratification mix)
yara asmar – fish can’t tie their shoelaces, silly (hivemind)
corrado maria de santis – decaying work of giants (midira)
the music of sound – street recordings part 1 (dimple discs)
the london sound survey – buckenham rooks (persistence of sound)

random jukebox 150922

bruno bavota + chantal acda – sirens (temporary residence)
the mountain goats – training montage (merge)
christy azuma and the uppers international – aja wondo (africa seven)
allison lorenzen – vale (whited sepulchre)
unkle – do yourself some good (the reflex revision) (songs for the def)
polly scattergood – nitrogen pink (mute)
courtney marie andrews – loose future (fat possum)
clint maedgen – sandra already knows (self)
pete astor – time on earth (tapete)
breathless – we should go driving (tenor vossa)
gemma rogers – stop (tiny global)
gwenno – n.y.c.a.w. (heavenly)
jacqueline folds – gates (feat. rosalie wammes) (self)
lea porcelain – pool song (max pollyul remix) (system)
sudan archives – nbpq (topless) (stones throw)
fiona brice – and you know i care (bella union)
revolution above disorder – annihilator (jagz kooner remix) (self)
recoil – drifting (mute)
hemlock – ship to nowhere (esoteric)
please – time goes by (guerssen)
elmer gantry’s velvet opera – long nights of summer (grapefruit)
the quiet ones – tina ft lenna bahule (humble)
the movers – balele (analog africa) rewind
farm – jungle song (guerssen)
automatic – realms (stones throw)
kathryn williams – put the needle on the record (oli)
gotts st park ft charlotte dos santos – lost and found (stones throw)
carina – skets & stoners (don’t sleep)
eliza – everywhere i’ll ever be (log off different)

this is not a disco 100922

om unit – melted (self)
om unit – pursuit (self)
maya bennardo, erik blennow calälv, kristofer svensson – av hav (excerpt i) (thanatosis)
maya bennardo, erik blennow calälv, kristofer svensson – in yo (excerpt) (thanatosis)
matthew halsall – a japanese garden in ethiopia (gondwana) rewind
matthew halsall – the eleventh hour (gondwana)
chip wickham – cloud 10 (gondwana)
soft machine – the floating world (esoteric)
chip wickham – lower east side (gondwana)
copenhagen clarinet choir – water piece (år & dag)
copenhagen clarinet choir – an old song, resung (år & dag)
ibrahim alfa jnr – dsxn (mille plateaux)
ambient jazz ensemble – on the edge of the world (here & now)
stomu yamashta – stellar (esoteric)
stomu yamashta – space theme / space requiem / space song (esoteric)
sun ra arkestra – somebody else’s world (omni sound)
eric satie – fugue litanique (el)
eric satie – autre choral (el)
odnu – distorted hope (audiobulb)
je´ro^me noetinger – white horse against ufo’s (gagarin)
darkroom – tuesdays ghost (expert sleepers)
drone operatør – the vessel (participant)
minimal compact – statik dancin’ (mad professor extended dub mix) (fortuna)
chloe kim – my dearests (spirituals)
cyprien busolini bertrand gauguet – oscillation (excerpt) (akousis)

this is not a disco 030922

die welttraumforscher – liederbuch (einklang) (bureau b)
ondness – torres e baldios ii (discrepant)
strangebird~sounds – warm soil (audiobulb)
strangebird~sounds – surface dust (audiobulb)
steve fors – (good enough) for now (hallow ground)
di laif – hum maya (shika shika)
night swimmer – doomsday doze (shy people)
night swimmer – killing time (shy people)
greg foat – psychosynthesis part 1 (foundation music)
greg foat – psychosynthesis part 2 (foundation music)
stomu yamashta – tangerine beach (esoteric)
stomu yamashta – wind words (esoteric)
nina walsh – don’t let the bastards grind you down (facility 5)
dienne – mio signore (other people )
brown calvin – p e r s p e c t i v e 6 (akp)
bachir attar with elliott sharp – arracks tehta’l kamar (fortuna records & dikraphone) rewind
erasure – the shape of things (mute)
gammelsæter & marhaug – hadron collider (ideologic organ)
galya bisengalieva – first dive (one little independent)
galya bisengalieva – tapani (one little independent)
galya bisengalieva – rebuilding (one little independent)
briana marela – you are a wave (self)
anchorsong – new world (hinako omori remix) (tru thoughts)
deniz cuylan – hidden language of four (hush hush)
carlos niño & friends – amazonianpulse (with laraaji and nate mercereau) (intl anthem)
automatisme – ultra-scape 4 (mille plateaux)
die welttraumforscher – liederbuch (ausklang) (bureau b)

random jukebox 010922

Transparency statement – I have a residency at Verdant Taproom but that has nothing to do with making this my release of the week

italo brutalo – eternia (bungalo disco)
hrdvsion – revenge body (i love acid)
dienne – addio (other people )
takuya kuroda – midnight crisp (first word)
sharky – night on my mind (tru thoughts)
stimulator jones – sherbet sky (stones throw)
lsn & roger robinson – pray (artikal music)
al-qasar – hobek thawrat ft. alsarah (glitterbeat)
kaidi tatham – all i need (copyright control)
kaidi tatham – we chillin’ out (feat. the easy access orchestra)
voices of creation – spirits up above (day dreamer)
voices of creation – let the sunshine in (day dreamer)
the foundations – call me (strawberry)
the foundations – new direction (mono) (strawberry)
jalwal, annie & geerasak – klug tum la (finders keepers)
the science fiction corporation – man out of a test tube (finders keepers) rewind
saint thomas ledoux – i’m sleepy (island f)
authentically plastic – sakata (nyege nyege tapes)
bonnie banane – cdh (péché mignon)
rony rex – direct me feat. tt the artist (needwant)
la deep – skin (nordic trax)
gemma cullingford – new day (elmo)
blacklab – crows, sparrows and cats (feat laetitia sadier) (tbc)
1000 robota – gift (tapete)
pedro lima – philomene (bongo joe)
the ad libs – don’t need no fortune teller (mr bongo)
aura (aspiritual emanation) – ariya (africa seven)
alhaji waziri oshomah – jealousy part1 (luaka bop)
daniela lalita – teni´a razo´n (young)