Playlist for 05/06/16 (#103)

1 paul woolford mother & child divided
2 xeno and oaklander marble
3 daev martian worse
4 ingrid lukas we are
5 deux filles sur la plage
6 tony njoku in greyscale
7 hunter game silver (redshape mix)
8 mr g pan pacific
9 max graef and glenn astro flat peter
10 the shamen young till yesterday
11 the heart throbs i, the jury
12 the inspiral carpets now you’re gone
13 xao seffcheque du und ich
14 octavcat fadpad
15 j albert earring
16 dave saved time of no future
17 rude audio knockemdub
18 beautiful junkyards constant flux
19 peter baumann this day
20 belbury poly these ringing hills
21 amirali maladaptive lover (original mix)
22 throwing shade dream scene
23 kidnap kid first light
24 beating heart the work (rudimental remix)
25 robert forster love is where it is
26 phillippe chany unsquare dance
27 vince clarke and paul hartnoll better have a drink to think
28 sawa trio & lossy bint el shalabiya
29 black palms orchestra home (ages version)
30 beautiful junkyards pirâmide
31 alejandra ribera st. augustine
32 emily rodgers in the city
33 mandy this is nothing
34 pedestrian torn blue (bastien keb remix)
35 ask for joy slow kiss
36 on dead waves california
37 grapefruit someday soon
38 grapefruit theme for a lonely queen
39 ¬b 3m2 (system)
40 timanti home
41 komati book of shadows
42 anita kerr, rod mckuen & the san sebastian strings sunday
43 anita kerr, rod mckuen & the san sebastian strings song from the earth

Playlist for 29/05/16 (#102)

1 deux filles she slides
2 dave saved energy dream
3 philippe chany aimez-moi
4 parra for cuva and senoy yuyun
5 conner youngblood the birds of finland
6 brain machine alpha moon
7 mark shreeve embryo
8 carl matthews encounter
9 sea of wires robot dance
10 soame lush (sabb remix)
11 nsdos yen
12 landside desert lake
13 alphabets heaven wander
14 deux filles mortuary
15 sans soleil mentalonliest
16 anita kerr, rod mckuen & the san sebastian strings while drifting
17 andy shauf early to the party
18 belbury poly starhazy
19 polynation sufi pt i (feat. marlon penn)
20 slam dunk’d earl young (original mix)
21 keita sano bypass motion
22 komati the kraken
23 ashworth lost (matt karmil remix)
24 seven davis jr church
25 peter baumann romance
26 atlas solitude
27 das goldene zeitalter don’t give up your smile today (previously unreleased)
28 walt bolen peace chant
29 peter baumann searching in vain
30 mira, un lobo we re not far
31 xyz recovery
32 mandy look up at the stars
33 magical mistakes annihilated
34 maurice puls it’s like this
35 lend me your ears cali 76
36 max graef and glenn astro where the **** are my hard boiled eggs!
37 rudolf c blacked
38 landside chains (beacon remix)
39 affairs runaway
40 echonomist smoke rings
41 m bamina mamy
42 grandmaster’s furious 5 ft mele mel and scorpio some kind of sorry
43 sophia the hustle
44 the blessed isles caroline
45 sounds of sputnik blizzard
46 suzerain manhattan
47 freight train man’s laughter
48 green telescope two by two
49 space dimension controller gullfire
50 dawn chorus and the blue tits teenage kicks
51 janet armstrong exploitation
52 sunset gun be thankful for what you’ve got
53 bill long caffeine
54 anita kerr, rod mckuen & the san sebastian strings do you like the rain
55 anita kerr, rod mckuen & the san sebastian strings my friend the sea

Playlist for 22/05/16 (#101)

1 brain machine mercury ripples
2 conner youngblood stockholm
3 alphabets heaven some movement
4 the gasman aeriform
5 psychopathic romantics einstein said
6 foodman mid summer night (ft diskomargaux )
7 xoa aiye lea( feat dele sosimi )
8 pellon the real aspect (original)
9 echonomist rotation
10 xyz solution
11 richie blacker poltergeist
12 peter baumann dust to dust
13 surreal realm awakening spectres
14 the kamikaze pilots sharon signs to cherry red
15 helen and the horns pioneer town
16 ingrid the jam jar song
17 the captain transient
18 sophia you say it’s alright
19 the tibbs 96 tears
20 maurice puls nyeri hill
21 new adventures in hifi good business
22 m bamina djambo (salut a l afrique)
23 pedro soler & gaspar claus vendaval (por buleria)
24 sounds of sputnik new born (malcolm holmes omd remix)
25 sans soleil sans soleil
26 atlas calm
27 alejandra ribera un cygne la nuit
28 manon meurt ’94
29 submotion orchestra needs feat. andrew ashong (seb wildblood remix)
30 al green simply beautiful (maribou state edit)
31 silverlining apathy
32 lunapark dieser tag
33 the blessed isles confession
34 blue jeans clean break
35 aaron english band all along the watchtower
36 accidental hero swine contains devils
37 dave rivers glastonbury fayre
38 joana serrat black lake (ft. ryan boldt )
39 andy shauf the magician

Playlist for 08/05/16 (#100)

1 the chap sacco and vanzetti
2 nu, raz, jo, ke, chris, johannes ocean tree
3 mira, un lobo suffocation
4 diesler vice squad
5 the gasman trip
6 xxxy no matter
7 bacao rhythm and steel band jungle fever
8 acid arab la hafla (feat sofiane saidi)
9 pointer sisters happiness
10 pointer sisters slow hand
11 mick harvey dont say a thing
12 teho teardo and blixa bargeld dhx 2
13 pedro soler & gaspar claus cuerdas al viento
14 manon meurt until you can
15 tom adams voyages by starlight
16 arbeit schickert schneider acetyl
17 jameszoo flake
18 tight pants nature to nearby soon
19 the culture in memoriam we will always love you
20 blue jeans kara keley
21 benjamin dean wilson william
22 loudery ponies it’s the flowertruck (orcapella/main)
23 miles over matter park my car
24 nick nicely hilly fields (1892)
25 squire no time tomorrow
26 ennio morricone sacco and vanzetti

Playlist 01/05/16 (#99)

1 psychopathic romantics the gathering
2 pellon feeling out of control (omer grinker remix)
3 dj vague freakout (dj leo remix)
4 lunapark gefangene vogel
5 skip and die mami wata (nicola cruz dub mix)
6 esther phillips magic’s in the air / boy i really tied one on
7 santana love makes the world go round
8 shuffleheads roll call (silverlining remix)
9 meter bridge kite
10 iokoi body head
11 james holt and then i awoke
12 joana serrat lonely heart reverb
13 astronauts skeleton
14 jeff runnings trifecta
15 gloria gaynor most of all (single version)
16 the emotions blind alley
17 brick music matic
18 brick happy
19 dada eyes of the warren
20 dada this is my song
21 omd almost
22 alan burnham music to save the world by
23 john foxx a new kind of man (alt version)
24 dj scsi detroit boogie
25 unsubscribe penultimate (housemeister remix)
26 capablanca & t. keeler no hay ritmo
27 vin gordon & the real rock band outta jungle
28 still charon kitty p
29 still charon blue ssue
30 dan sartain walk among the cobras
31 west of the sun siberian hysteria
32 romare james
33 impossible beings too late (too latex dub)
34 books stoned love
35 silverlining apathy
36 new adventures in hifi acirfa
37 the autoclaus pop party people (smarty mix)
38 graham j into my arms
39 velvet hands curtain closes
40 canary islands hopes harbour

Playlist for 24/04/16 (#98)

1 submerse it’s all fun and games until someone loses
2 dc salas when you left
3 zhut & kapote so damn hot
4 sau poler gone
5 aldous harding i’m so sorry
6 lossy smithfield market 4am
7 nomine lost girl (feat lustina)
8 ummagma galacticon
9 posthuman don’t rush
10 pasteur lappe more sekele movement (papa ni mama)
11 simon mayor jericho waltz
12 arbeit schickert schneider saure
13 james holt the lost boy no more
14 amj meets rsd blue mountain dub
15 demian licht indomitus
16 nightvisions volar (antialias & mallone’s hourglass reinterpretation)
17 alma construct drive your vehicle
18 anno stamm the streets were we live
19 terr metropolis
20 dimitri from paris & dj rocca ero disco theme
21 matinee empty
22 tensnake desire
23 robyn hitchcock it’s a mystic trip
24 mood six dancing in my mind
25 the marble staircase the long weekend
26 lord funk what u need
27 folano begin
28 the barking dogs mamarracho (feat. marcelo burlon)
29 roger goula awe
30 kim brown datasette (vogue as a concept)
31 gris-de-lin birthday
32 astrid williamson scattered
33 a. dyjecinski dry bread
34 the clear yesterday morning
35 nagamatzu faith
36 blancmange holiday camp
37 thomas leer tight as a drum
38 prince sign ‘o’ the times

Playlist for 17/04/16 (#97)

1 taylor mcferrin postpartum (dorian concept remix)
2 kid fonque bossa over (daev martian remix)
3 pasteur lappe mbale (face to face with the truth)
4 acidulant ladies and house music
5 project pablo warm priority
6 lossy alpine descent
7 munk the bi sus bounce (secret circuit remix)
8 david august j.b.y.
9 stuart masters from the deep
10 the dandelion set and alan moore another suburban romance / main title theme
11 gris-de-lin your ghost
12 karl jensen crazy
13 ahmad jamal pavanne
14 ahmad jamal / miles davis new rhumba
15 the dandelion set and alan moore dark doorway launderettes
16 logan takahashi cella
17 etch untitled hardcore #2
18 olga bell randomness
19 submotion orchestra in gold (traces remix)
20 j. morrison soft play
21 baron retif & concepcion perez the crave / comme la vague
22 samaris wanted 2 say (gervisykur remix)
23 michele stoddart will you wait
24 moniker second to last
25 the orielles twin freaks
26 jake morley falter
27 feft childhood
28 cluster mix the belldog / umleitung / caramel / helle melange / im suden / a1 / avant / ho renomo / fabrik, hamburg (excerpts)