misfits (verdant taproom) 100422

bon voyage organisation – yuseef (trouver le soleil dans chaque jour de pluie) (l’invitation musicale)
canto club – hang on (rfx edit)
dana gavanski – indigo highway (full time hobby)
daniel t – trinidad trouble (razor’n’tape)
gianfranco reverberi – nel cimitero di tucson (rca)
izzy wise – night swim (lips & rhythm)
john johanna & sefo kanuteh – ahimsa (faith & industry)

krankbrother – get together (krankbrother)
mali-i – this place ft. natty wylah (none more)
marissa nadler – seabird (sacred bones)
private agenda – dressed in velvet (lorecordings)
sarasara x serge gainsbourg – requiem pour un con (one little independent)
şatellites – disko arabesque (batov)

this is not a disco 090422

michael beharie – thakur (self)
die andacht – durchführung#8 (all my ghosts)
die andacht – abla (all my ghosts) rewind
king l man – dream house channel (alegria edit) (keroxen)
coyote – steely dad (secret soul society remix) (citizens of vice)
coyote – as the crow flies (chris coco remix) (citizens of vice)
astral flex – earthrise (la sape)
tulay german & francois rabbath – abidin (zehra)
phi-psonics – mama (gondwana)
john haycock & john ellis – amanesis (limefield)
quiver vex – precog (a guide to saints)
distant fires burning – book of pointless endurance (audiobulb)
too tall to sing: flin van hemmen & jozef dumoulin – little bird of bad omen (tyyt) (shhpuma)
david whitman – come what may (ropeadope)
family – 93’s ok j (esoteric)
jake leckie – the place between (ropeadope)
jack lancaster & robin lumley – blow holes (the pipes of mars) (esoteric)
quiver vex – pillbox (a guide to saints)
hans p. kjorstad – divisjon (motvind)
širom – grazes, wrinkles, drifts into sleep (tak til)
prins thomas – film 001(slapp finale) (full pupp)
kellen303 – life’s different now (roots vip) (keysound)
norfik – entrance made of lights (tar)

random jukebox 070422

lunge – heavy golden swim (raw carrots)
la société étrange – la rue principale de grandrif (bongo joe)
koma saxo with sofia jernberg – koma kaprifol (we jazz)
aldous harding – lawn (4ad)
soundwire – another sun (skep wax)
astral flex – apollo (horatio luna remix) (la sape)
prins thomas – earthbound ft. john carroll kirby (full pupp)
the bongo hop ft. nidia gongora – la ñapa (underdog)
super yamba band ft. osei korankye – wo nkoa na mendo (ubiquity)
froz – back 2 normal (mfz)
kellen303 – white label (keysound)
letherique – ethereal pong (bella ursa)
the invisible session – africa calling (galathea kora version)(space echo)
lack of afro – where’s it at (bastion)
altin gün – badi sabah olmadan (new version) (glitterbeat)
alabaster deplume – who is a fool (intl anthem)
charles stepney – step on step (single) (intl anthem)
etienne jaumet & fabrizio rat – visione pop (bureau b)
apocalypse – the spirit (out-sider)
arthur verocai – caboclo (mochilla)
robert haigh – baroque atom (unseen worlds)
z – girls (organic downbeat)
the invisible session – africa calling (space echo)
formula uno – good girl ft francesca bono (bordello a parigi )
bodi bill – close (sinnbus) *rewind*
abunai – falling forwards ft glenn astro (tartelet)

this is not a disco 020422

cristian vogel – hyphaedelity (mille plateaux)
b.b. blunder – a hard day’s night (esoteric)
rubin henkel – ruhelos (7k!)
norfik – living in fear (tar)
yamila – visions ii (umor rex)
max cooper – pulse at the centre of being (mesh)
the leaf library + teruyuki kurihara – kite beach (mille plateaux)
ohyung – symphonies sweeping! (nna tapes)
lomond campbell – reel 2 phase 2 24bit (one little independent)
classical mechanics – porphyry (nonclassical)
cheb terro and dj die soon – outroo (drowned by locals)
giovanni di domenico – neve senza vento (kohlhaas)
herman – narcissus (fine grains records)
joyfultalk – take it to the grave (constellation)
portico quartet – youth (gondwana)
tom sochas – lament (khumba)
kit parker – stained glass (drut) rewind
melaine dalibert – untitled (ici d’ailleurs / mind travel series)
the star pillow – horizon (midira)
jean d.l. – la nuit et l’enfant (ost) (midira)
quiver vex – the other side of despair (a guide to saints)
alessandro chemie – be discrete (elli)
superpoze – parabel (combien mille records)
arandel – hysope (stripped down version) (infiné)
mira calix – danaides (ahead of our time)
arthur verocai – filhos (mochilla)

random jukebox 310322

sopp – living in high society (sweet nothings)
machìna – forked tongue (uttu)
sarah may – something to fall back on (last night from glasgow)
samora pinderhughes – masculinity (stretch music / ropeadope)
izzy wise – semillita (lips & rhythm)
satellites – yar oi (batov)
big thief – simulation swarm (4ad)
nicola conte & gianluca petrella – inner light (joaquin joe claussell cosmic arts version) (schema)
jordan rakei – bruises (ninja tune)
jerry paper – kno me clean (stones throw)
sarasara x serge gainsbourg – requiem pour un con (one little independent) rewind
satellites – disko arabesque (batov)
chrome canyon – knife’s edge (stones throw)
planningtorock – girl you got my heart (maya jane coles remix) (human level)
nathalie duchene – praia (yuksek remix) (toy tonics)
underground system – desnuda (yuksek remix) (razor-n-tape)
nathalie duchene – glatson (boombass remix) (toy tonics)
junior y su equipo – la borrachita (glitterbeat)
izzy wise – night swim (lips & rhythm)
the hanging stars – radio on (loose music)
private agenda – dressed in velvet (lo recordings)
lawrence le doux – pico (self)
ö – good things on the way (pc music)
leyla mccalla – vini wè (anti)
kadhja bonet – for you (many selves version) (ninja tune)
sarasara x serge gainsbourg – la javanaise (one little independent)
quakers – approach with caution (ft. sampa the great) (stones throw)
morgan harper-jones – never have you (pias)

this is not a disco 240322

md after hussain & paq – the whole day slipped away (helay khelay moner anonde din furailo intro) (hive mind)
la société étrange – nute (les disques bongo joe) rewind
jozef van wissem – all become one one become all (incunabulum)
niftysax – proxima centauri (tbc)
jameszoo – music for bat caves (brainfeeder)
koma saxo with sofia jernberg – koma krig (we jazz)
chrome canyon – snow in the headlights (stones throw)
lawrence le doux – sun stone (self)
bob holroyd – steal (luca bacchetti ambient remix) (real world x)
ana fosca – as elements became articulated to physical bodies (the helen scarsdale agency)
md after hussain & paq – shomapti (hive mind)
györgy ligeti performed by ensemble 0 – cantabile, molto legato (sub rosa)
machìna – ensemble room (uttu)
letherique – ethereal pong (lloyd stellar remix) (bella ursa)
froz – dark times (mfz)
stelios vassiloudis – white cells (balance music)
martin buttrich presents stoned autopilot – people like us (kirk degiorgio remix) / people like us (sheffield music frontier recordings)
the detroit escalator company – gratiot (musique pour la danse)
bryce hackford – fires (futura resistenza)
tapani rinne & juha ma ki-patola – brevity (hush hush)
ö – i am you (pc music)
ö – st. henri (pc music)
robert haigh – signs of life (unseen worlds)
iguan – maguyn (beeswrap lab ut)
sepiasound – arcadian (skep wax)

this is not a disco 170322

binker & moses – after the machine settles (gearbox)
bon voyage organisation – naima (l’invitation musicale) rewind
park jiha – light way (glitterbeat)
agate rollings – 1.37 am – open windows in the dim light backstreets (midira)
james heather – meant to be (ahead of our time)
pjusk – ordene som bla°ste bort (12k)
julian zyklus – waterpiano n.2 (hush hush)
jason wayne sneed and toshinori kondo – interstellar (chant)
joona toivanen trio – direction (we jazz)
jakojako – pareidolie (bigamo)
leya – dog (feat. claire rousay) (nna tapes)
leya – dankworld interlude (feat. claire rousay) (nna tapes)
robbie lee & lea bertucci – meiosis (telegraph harp)
park jiha – sunrise a song of two humans (glitterbeat)
anthony phillips – desert suite (ii) pipelines (esoteric)
anthony phillips – desert suite (iii) end theme (esoteric)
sofiane pamart – love (tbc)
lomond campbell – reel 1 phase 6 (one little independent)
ozan tekin – 965 (gulbaba)
ozan tekin – life blooms in concrete (gulbaba)
lynne – metsu (unexplained sounds group)
kenji ikegami – access (unexplained sounds group)
the kids and the cosmos – tkatc x message to bears (sound in silence)
uni son – untitled for now (wph)
reyes stokowy duo – iv (american dreams)
kamasi washington – the garden path (young)
luce celestiale – ocarina di cristallo (artetetra)

random jukebox 150322

the black albumen – heptadecagon (buried treasure)
holo – in limbo (ellipse)
dj lag ft. babes wodumo – ikhehla [radio edit] (ice drop and black major)
daniel t – trinidad trouble (original mix) (razor n tape)
charlotte adigéry & bolis pupul – it hit me (deewee)
bon voyage organisation – yuseef (trouver le soleil dans chaque jour de pluie) (l’invitation musicale)
misiu – love me do (original mix) (razor n tape)
felipe gordon – the fall of a withered empire (original mix) (razor n tape)
krankbrother – get together (krankbrother) rewind
dana gavanski – indigo highway (full time hobby)
niftysax – shaula (legato)
nick hudson – lights svoboda (self)

biggabush guest mix 150322

biggabush – mouseflex
original rockers – sexy selector
original rockers – breathless
joe gibbs – chapter three
rockers hi fi – push push
original rockers – mecca of space
original rockers – demat dubrim
rockers hi fi – mish mash episode two
rockers hi fi – music is immortal
augustus pablo – king tubby meets rockers uptown
lightning head – el head sound 
lightning head – me & me princess
biggabush – outernational 
rockers hi fi – look for a spark
re:jazz feat. onejiru – push push
the degotees – no ballroom
biggabush – acid fly
magic drum orchestra – drop it like a funky muppet
the black albumen – girl from the baltic sea
the black albumen – king of the plants
biggabush – black swan revival

this is not a disco 100322

aspidistrafly – how to find a marblewing (kitchen label)
alabaster deplume – the sound of my feet on this earth is a song to your spirit (intl anthem)
yin yin – kali yuga (glitterbeat)
charbonneau amato – repe re hypnotique (backward music)
naturalismo – kekuasaan (gamut mix) (artetetra)
babau – kabau (kratom cover) (artetetra)
etienne jaumet & fabrizio rat – rive opposte (bureau b)
etienne jaumet & fabrizio rat – trasmutazione (bureau b)
charbonneau amato – all rose (backward music)
yin yin – satya yuga (glitterbeat)
bryce hackford – anticipation clip (field hope) (futura resistenza)
ellis island sound – tape deck (faux lux)
jung deejay – teeley’s dream (artetetra)
das spezial – kefi (low jack remix) (das spezial)
anthony phillips – polar lights (library piece 1979) (esoteric)
anthony phillips – scottish suite ii (iii) two truths (esoteric)
ilhan ersahin, dave harrington & kenny wollesen – invite your eye (nublu)
cult of riggonia – audience starts to greeg (artetetra)
aspidistrafly – interlude chrysalises and larvae (kitchen label)
jed st christopher – prima materia (buried treasure) rewind
caroline – skydiving on to the library roof (rough trade)
sharif sehnaoui – recoil (radio edit) (maslakh)
ilhan ersahin, dave harrington & kenny wollesen – what all the books say (nublu)
jeremiah chiu & marta sofia honer – snacko (intl anthem)
heith – kekuasaan menuju muara (artetetra)
bear bones lay low – amphibian vertex mass (artetetra)
neuro… no neuro – listless wander (audiobulb)
erik deutsch – la nuit blanche (ropeadope)
aspidistrafly – moonmilk (kitchen label)

random jukebox 080322

renata zeiguer – evergreen (northern spy)
etienne jaumet & fabrizio rat – soffiare insieme (bureau b)
kittin hacker – 19 ( nobody’s bizzness)
jung deejay – seagull’s dance (gap remix) (artetetra)
oumou sangare – sarama (bmg)
bareto feat. melcochita- marcianos (agogo)
africa negra – vence vitoria (bongo joe)
erik deutsch – tio ilegal (ropeadope)
alabaster deplume – don’t forget you’re precious (intl anthem)
david luximon – datsun cherry (lnfg)
archive – fear there & everwhere (self)
spencer cullum – road (full time hobby) rewind
erin rae – can’t see stars (thirty tigers)
cult of riggonia – qesheemp (artetetra)
cult of riggonia – melting food creating sunlight (artetetra)
elninodiablo – anastasia (elninodiablomusic)
avalanche kaito – machine (glitterbeat)
robocobra quartet – heaven (first taste)
yin yin – the age of aquarius (glitterbeat)
alex jones – taid (hypercolour)
mali i – this place ft. natty wylah (none more)
telefis – ballytransnational (dimple discs)
cncrete qpiid – midnite red eye (sxn)
ellis island sound – streets in the sky (faux lux)
ethan woods – mrs. moo (whatever’s clever)
aspidistrafly – quintessence (kitchen label)
allegra krieger – taking it in (northern spy)

this is not a disco 030322

the howard hughes suite – reverie (the slow music movement)
the black dog – wd23 (dust science)
steve roden – stars of ice (excerpt) (room40)
tapani rinne & juha mak patola – fall (hush hush)
tapani rinne & juha maki patola – open part 1 (hush hush)
tom dalzell + lives as omens – what does it mean (komponist)
quinquis – adkrog (mute)
the detroit escalator company – faith (as rain) (musique pour la danse)
charbonneau amato – as fragile ghosts (backward music)
the howard hughes suite – flow state (the slow music movement)
ale hop – the mountain that eats men (karlrecords)
esfand ft mohsen namjoo- quiescence (shouka)
the detroit escalator company – the inverted man (falling) (musique pour la danse)
tom dalzell + lives as omens – promises (komponist)
ensemble dal niente (lj white) — we don’t eat dead things (sideband)
jonesy – duet (esoteric)
valery vermeulen – mikromedas adscft 001 05 (ash international)
shane parish – randy dandy o (dearlife)
the chicago experiment – always be (ropeadope)
anthony phillips – what is the meaning (demo 1969) (esoteric)
saint abdullah – chiasmatic relations (room40) rewind
the black dog – form, function and friction (dust science)
tom lonnqvist – mauritum (mille plateaux)
seigo aoyama – blossoms (audiobulb)