Playlist for 16/09/18

1 waajeed ft. ideeyah strength (jon dixon remix) (dirt tech reck)
2 foamek heart won’t die (youngbloods)
3 amandra dame de bahia (agents of time remix) (obscura)
4 jonathan scales fourchestra ft. bela fleck focus poem (ropeadope)
5 thabang thabane ngwananga (mushroom hour half hour)
6 diggs duke your potential (bandcamp)
7 cyril cyril le vide (bongo joe) *rewind track of the week*
8 cosmic analog ensemble ft.medline en faction (my bags)
9 pan am know the difference (def pressé)
10 kid simpl winter heap (excerpt) (hush hush)
11 abraham brody judith (unknown)
12 ralph thomas est (bbe)
13 jon delerious raised (nordic trax)
14 jowee omicil de l’orient (jazz village/pias)
15 northern jamz stutter (minimal mix) (warehouse music)
16 chris liebing and all went dark (mute)
17 shadowparty reverse the curse (the other two mix) (mute)
18 robi svard alquimia (ropeadope)
19 asnakech worku jinyew (awesome tapes from africa)
20 salim el baroudi fatouma (radio martiko)
21 the dur dur band jubba aaka (analog africa)
22 scott matthews cinnamon (shedio)
23 scott matthews as the day passes (shedio)
< trust your instincts midnight mix #2
24 vessels everyone is falling (max cooper remix) (different)
25 daniel avery glitter (jon hopkins remix) (phantasy)
26 curses ft. perel gold & silber (fango remix) (dischi autunno)
27 the mayans working together (white label)
28 herve babies (cheap thrills)
29 otik latex (keysound)
30 throbbing gristle something came over me (mute)
31 paranorman the source (fusion diagnostics)

Playlist for 09/09/18

1 maribou state beginner’s luck (counter)
2 conner youngblood stockholm (counter)
3 laville easy (acid jazz)
4 dj counselling curt’s jam (white label)
5 om unit tahatan (o$vmv$m redux) (cosmic bridge)
6 stuff fulina (gondwana)
7 rhode & brown moon bells (slam city jams)
8 quentin kane & simon sheldon ft. tk blue the blue room (kaidi tatham’s shokazuku remix) (bbe)
9 intuit ft andy bey planet birth (xantone blacq remix) (bbe)
10 snuff crew where’s the bad (bleeper)
11 brecon half light (mesh)
12 roska ft. alesha lee over you (kicks & snares)
13 laurel crave (counter)
14 the lively set blues get off my shoulder (big crown)
15 the three dudes I’m beggin’ you (big crown)
16 the gondwana orchestra ft. dwight trible the creator has a masterplan (gondwana)
17 allysha joy know your power (gondwana)
18 phyllis dillon something (doctor bird)
19 phyllis dillon love the one you’re with (doctor bird)
20 annie goodchild ether (radicalis music)
21 the montreals y2k (marshmallow pavement records)
22 heiko maile lampoldhausen (from fly rocket fly) (bureau b)
23 shinedoe triplex (music that moves)
24 kyle watson ft. kylah jasmine you boy (this ain’t bristol)
25 maliblue hex (healthy tapes)
26 spiritualized here it comes (the road) let’s go (bella union)
27 mousewater panic stations (a & r)
28 roger nichols & the small circle of friends didn’t want to have to do it (tapete)
29 roger nichols & the small circle of friends the snow queen (tapete) (rewind track of the week)
30 james mcvinnie etoile polaire (orange mountain)

Playlist for 02/09/18

1 john lever blue lake (bering strait quiet remix) (bering strait archives)
2 curved air jumbo (esoteric)
3 josh t pearson a love song (set me straight) (mute)
4 ebbe funk tibia infamiae (dezi-belle)
5 the blue square ft. esterina m3d3a (melting records)
6 quart puzzlebox (bbe)
7 ibaaku monkey boy (akwaaba)
8 thomas lang scared (kim buran slow motion version) (nang)
9 max c bud temptress (marshmallow pavement)
10 eels you are the shining light (eworks/play it again sam)
11 the massai cross the tracks (soul time)
12 j.j barnes how long (soul time)
13 ultrafunk living for the city (soul time)
14 lauren hoffman shadow of the moon (bandcamp)
15 fire-toolz μακάρων νῆσοι「fortunate isles」(hausu mountain)
16 dirtmusic love is a foreign country (glitterbeat)
17 ebbe funk somedays (dezi-belle)
18 ensemble minisym single foot (bongo joe)
19 father john misty please don’t die (bella union)
20 george fitzgerald burns (domino)
21 murder he wrote ft. maddie ellerby air (rhythm athletic)
22 bushwacka awakening (vitalik)
23 adam and kizzie breathless (book of eedo) (ropeadope)
24 csavi ft. sly and robbie gone again (gadd59)
25 ame strong tout est blue (react)
26 conner youngblood the birds of finland (counter)
27 foxtrott better with you (one little indian)
28 charlotte dos santos red clay (fresh selects)
29 sampology after the storm (self-released)
30 gryphon touch and go (esoteric)
31 gryphon mather nature’s son (esoteric)
32 freedom cry baby cry (grapefruit) (rewind track of the week)
33 grand union she said (grapefruit)
34 gamelan beleganjur & the music of the ngaben funerary ritual in bali the gamelan of the walking warriors (akuphone)

Playlist for 26/08/18

1 matt berry rainbow (acid jazz)
2 phil france circle (gondwana)
3 cassettes for kids with you I won’t (gateway)
4 sonarpilot moth (kirk degiorgio remix) (sonarpilot)
5 desert sound colony ft. baby rollen glixen (touch from a distance)
6 nicolas bougaïeff woke up as a copy (novamute)
7 scb test tubes (mind against celestial dub) (hotflush)
8 neil diablo shot caller (futureboogie)
9 carol williams dance the night away (bbe)
10 chip e ft. k-joy like this (house mix) (bbe)
11 aje breathe it in (alt version) (here & now)
12 helium iii waiting 4 u (night train to the sky remix) (helium iii)
13 yamaneko oslo house sunrise 4k (local action)
14 phil france cathedrals (gondwana)
15 mark lanegan and duke garwood my shadow life (heavenly)
16 mark lanegan and duke garwood feast to famine (heavenly)
17 cape kennedy construction company armageddon (grapefruit)
18 grapefruit deep water (grapefruit)
19 the hammers baby and me (grapefruit)
20 jowee omicil mendé lolo (jazz village/play it again sam)
21 matthew larkin cassell rendezvous (guerssen)
22 matthew larkin cassell hold me (guerssen)
23 danielle lewis lead me to the sea (bandcamp)
24 soap & skin heal (play it again sam)
25 shoes baby’s gone (cherry red)
26 shoes boys don’t lie (cherry red)
27 beyond the wizard’s sleeve black crow midnight (phantasy)
28 matthew halsall & the gondwana orchestra journey in satchidananda (gondwana) (rewind track of the week)

Playlist for 19/08/18

1 hentzup für immer unzufrieden (dezi-belle)
2 hot like jam very first time (px universe)
3 max cooper rule 110 (mesh)
4 julia meijer fall into place (pindrop)
5 the shacks my name is (big crown)
6 jess sah bi and peter one our garden needs its flowers (awesome tapes from africa) (rewind track of the week)
7 moderator bind you to my spell (melting records)
8 block 16 find an oasis (string reprise) (react)
9 john grant love is magic (bella union)
10 the burrell connection orbit_.512 (cragie knowes)
11 boo bella (band camp)
12 bxris bekka jamanjue (dezi-belle)
13 banteay ampil band please take care of my mother (akuphone)
14 mabiisi buuda yembre (ghost nebula remix) (akwaaba)
15 maliblue trykt (healthy tapes)
16 sonny til’s orioles sugar girl (righteous)
17 danny bell and the bell hops chili with honey (righteous)
18 tiny bradshaw the train kept-a-rollin’ (righteous)
19 sampology teal sunrise (middle name)
20 sonido gallo negro mambo cósmico (glitterbeat)
21 cuasares mutación (guerssen)
22 ligia piro love is a losing game (epsa music)
23 gecko turner un limón en la cabeza (lovemonk)
24 db3 the path (ropeadope)
25 king tuff pyscho star (tune-yards mix)(sub-pop)
26 charlotte dos santos new beginnings (fresh selects)
27 alain peters caloubadia 1981 (bongo joe)
28 jess sah bi and peter one clipo clipo (analog africa)
29 wotjek mazolewski quintet paris (whirlwind)
30 conner youngblood los angeles (counter)
31 orions belte atlantic surfing (jansen)
32 bummed owl outro (us natives)

Playlist for 12/08/18

1 don philippe in doubt no shadow (dezi-belle)
2 3 south & banana fake jungle (some other planet)
3 allmos $’s to donuts (fresh selects)
4 alexanda wolfe your love is a wheel (dharma)
5 ko shin moon über çiftetelli (akuphone)
6 hilang child boy (bella union)
7 hilang child oh we’re getting along (bela union)
8 jaubi lahore state of mind (al dobson jr mix) (astigmatic)
9 stevo atambire ft. gyedu blay ambolley minus me (akwaaba)
10 gustavsite ft. basile rey thoughts (melting records)
11 don philippe doubt (dezi-belle)
12 park jiha communion (glitterbeat) (rewind track of the week)
13 posthuman usurpate acid (balkan vinyl)
14 unknown hot like jam (white)
15 reginald chapman ft. sam reed you go to my head (fresh selects)
16 potions clear water (hausu mountain)
17 noya rao dreaming pt 2 (gondwana)
18 anne suu x b-side everyday (dezi-belle)
19 naptha and the shamans endurance (astigmatic)
20 wojtek mazolewski quintet theme de yoyo (whirlwind recordings)
21 fela kuti unknown soldier (bopperson edit)
22 ill doots smile (ropeadope)
23 kaveh rastegar ft. gaby moreno cuento ilogico (ropeadope)
24 attraktta pulse echo (film)
25 ill clinton as the dust settles (us natives)
26 louis cole ft. genevieve artadi when you’re ugly (brainfeeder)
27 catch-up spinning wheel (guerssen)
28 chip wickham shamal wind (lovemonk)
29 music of southern laos nyaheun jeu phawn peng gawng ploung ken (akuphone)
30 jaubi lahore state of mind (original)(astigmatic)
31 peluché to be a bird (one little indian)
32 ratgrave icarus (apron)
33 wavescape voyager (r & s)
34 the masqueraders a change is gonna come (locobop)
35 cordovas your town (ato)
36 abranis chenar le blues (bongo joe)
37 matt berry are you being served (acid jazz)

Playlist for 05/08/18

1 lårry systems encoder (uncertainty principle)
2 dorian concept angel shark (brainfeeder)
3 mildlife the magnificent moon (research records) (rewind track of the week)
4 gabe gurnsey ultra clear sound (phantasy)
5 helena hauff entropy created me and you (ninja)
6 gyedu blay ambolley the message (analog africa)
7 anthony joseph on the move (heavenly sweetness)
8 kiwi oooh (17 steps)
9 chris liebing polished chrome (mute)
10 eabs kraksa (astigmatic records)
11 the last poets understand what black is (mala remix) (studio rockers)
12 blackstone samba oscura (r&s records)
13 septimus party y’all (culture of souls)
14 jim stephens lost souls cavern (ropeadope)
15 lilith deep water (deuce)
16 unhappybirthday sou (tapete)
17 gia margaret there’s always glimmer (orindal)
18 black bear basement dershé (dezi-belle)
19 george earnest mermaid dive (pear)
20 jadell your love is what I need (fabyl)
21 bummed owl offroads (us natives)
22 dustlights shaken (ropeadope)
23 medline accadde a bali (my bags)
24 b0nds 44 4 s (dezi-belle)
25 brain orchestra call me (us natives)
26 gulp I dream of your song (elk records)
27 a band called jack voices (mst sounds)
28 daniel blumberg stacked (mute)