Playlist for 21/10/18

1 decker smudge (royal potato family) *rewind track of the week*
2 fufanu my new trigger (one little indian)
3 leonie kingdom so much more (marshmallow pavement)
4 al-90 makabr (resonance moscow)
5 superhuman happiness release identity (yeggs)
6 bubby lewis friends (ropeadope)
7 wylie cable ft. daedelus pirouette (dome of doom)
8 the expansions mariposa (albert’s favourites)
9 johannes albert fountain of youth (marlon hodffstadt future mix) (frank)
10 masc non-stop (jerome hill remix) (super rhythm trax)
11 salute nostalgia ’96 (37 adventures)
12 delikwe african (xcpt)
13 christoph el truento hoohaa (cosmic compositions)
14 liars murdrum (mute)
15 yugen blarok carbon form (iot)
16 domotic javelot (bmm)
17 allysha joy fnfl (gondwana)
18 yesyou everybody’s got to learn sometime (playground)
19 hippo campus bambi (transgressive)
20 sunny levine a great time (astronautica remix) (alpha pup)
21 vivian sessoms ft. shedrick mitchell strange fruit (ropeadope)
22 odd beholder all reality is virtual (sinnbus/mouthwatering)
23 morgan hislop bruised peach (movel traxx)
24 liraz mahtab (dead sea)
25 soccer mommy your dog (fat possum)
26 me and my friends high as the sun (split shift)
27 caolifhionn rose shadow of your smile (gondwana)
28 robert walter’s 20th congress emanate (royal potato family)
29 sieren her two faces (apollo)
30 somesurprises paolo and francesca (doom trip)

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