Playlists for w/e 16/07/21

random jukebox

1 wooze  witch slap (iou) (young poets)
2 ata records  the glass eye (here & now)
3 grupo changüí de guantánamo  hazlo como yo (petaluna)
4 guy one   to kale na’nabala (philophon)
5 burt blanca  taboo ’69 (martiko)
6 snazzback  bst (worm discs)
7 koreless  white picket fence (young)
8 anchorsong  remedy (tru thoughts)
9 aleph  endless dream (renraku)
10 anika  change (invada sacred bones)
11 eva geist  iii moto del pendolo (misbhv)
12 colin stetson  beyond the brake (7K!)
13 sparkle division  beehive switchblade (temporary residence)
14 kago  uued vigikad (fat cat)
15 ata records  sensed prescence (here & now)
16 les talismans  l’interplanetaire (martiko)
17 morton & the uptights  montego (martiko)
18 raf rundell ft man & the echo  luxury (heavenly)
19 squid  pamphlets (tbc)
20 barabás lorinc  rolling (!7K!)
21 shishi x axel thesleff ft ben paraag  sajani 2.0 (cashir)
22 damon albarn  polaris (transgressive) *rewind*
23 damon albarn  the nearer the fountain, more pure the stream flows (transgressive)
24 the helicopter of the holy ghost   slow down eight inch edit (kscope)
25 tomat  una farfalla è una farfalla è una farfalla è una farfalla (7K!)
26 daniel avery  hazel and gold (phantasy)
27 alexis taylor  dream meditation (misbhv)
28 cruzloma ft humazapas   brisas (zkk)
29 elan tamara  then you say (bokkle)
30 wooden peak  wednesday (electric version) (teleskop)
31 monsieur doumani  alavrostishiotis (glitterbeat)
32 jodi  power (sooper)
33 snazzback  alice (worm discs)

this is not a disco

1 craig fortnam  managed decline on the orford ness (onomatopoeia)
2 solyst  hold (bureau b)
3 jason nazary  rain on cape (w michael coleman) (we jazz)
4 botanas maugli  kiliman (shika shika)
5 john carroll kirby  sensing not seeing (stones throw records)
6 dylan henner  meskalamdug (7K!)
7 håkon kornstad  those little things (7K!) *rewind*
8 arushi jain  my people have deep roots (leaving)
9 mattia cupelli  iris (mc)
10 tomat and federico bisozzi  horn whales (super budda + believe)
11 happy axe  freefall (spirit level)
12 happy axe  maybe it’ll be beautiful (spirit level)
13 happy axe  the tide (spirit level)
14 gaspar claus  une foule (infiné)
15 daniel vujanic  spectral glamorgue (submarine broadcasting)
16 arandel  sonatina (spring quartet version) (infiné)
17 adaya godlevsky and haggai fershtman  martian spa (chant)
18 evade robots  astral (low)
19 on-ly a state of suffering (la sape)lorenz
20 aleph  recovery (renraku)
21 broeckaert berweck lorenz  strio (mode)
22 jeremiah cymerman  from the metaphysical to the transcendental (for bill smith) (5049)
23 the gaye device  heavenly toy (submarine broadcasting)
24 weedie braimah  clouds kissed 2/5/15 (ropeadope)
25 third son  electric counterpoint (soft computing)
26 kago  leontiine kirotosk (fat cat)
27 cameron knowler  second train to almogordo (american dreams)
28 cameron knowler  lena’s spanish fandango (american dreams)
29 william tyler + luke schneider  no trouble (leaving)
30 lutto lento  regression (i think i fell asleep but i woke up when he said thanks for listening lol) (misbhv)
31 adam port  ether (misbhv)


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