this is not a disco 070522

paul motian quintet – hide and go seek (hyperjazz) rewind
field works, stuart hyatt – station 7 (temporary residence)
field works, stuart hyatt – station 4 (temporary residence)
collignon – purple ocean (reflektor)
anthropoda – touchy (tiny room)
liminka – forgive (deep heads)
jade warrior – dark river (esoteric)
jade warrior – slow ride (esoteric)
recent arts – automat (reiten)
léon evangelion – everything (bmm)
akusmi – fleeting future (edit) (tonal union)
super frog saves tokyo – petrichor (electronic architecture)
super frog saves tokyo – lament (electronic architecture)
lex amor, hibotep & faizal mostrixx – ancestry (extra soul perception)
azu tiwaline & labdi – hewa (extra soul perception)
adam rudolph’s moving pictures – the earth spins faster than words (hyperjazz)
william basinski & janek schaefer – ” . . . on reflection (three)”(temporary residence)
vega trails – love your grace (gondwana)
stavroz – wintergreen radio edit (moodfamily)
spaceship eyes – satori (cherry red)
recent arts – the game of live (reiten)
collignon – noetic (reflektor)
john carroll kirby – pan s dance (stones throw)
john carroll kirby – frog life (stones throw)
vega trails – epic dream (gondwana)
field works, stuart hyatt – station 6 (temporary residence)
jean michel jarre – oxygène, part 5

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