stone fest 030622 (updated with playlist)

I’ve long harboured the ambition to play out under my “This is not a disco” moniker and that time has come. I’ll be at Friday’s Stone Fest playing a set made up of music relating to sand and stone including this new piece entitled Stratum from Jana Irmert on Fabrique Records.

In case you were wondering here’s the playlist:

bronius kutavicius – from the yotvingian stone (mic lithuania )
moss covered technology – blue patina on stone (dronarivm)
dmx krew – approach to stonehenge (ekster)
olivia louvel – conversation with magic stones (werk imprint)
harris simon – stonehenge (resonanace)
drew mulholland – delian stone (buried treasure)
midwinter – sanctuary stone (cherry red)
tine surel lange – water and stone (sofa)
jana irmert – stratum (fabrique)
galya bisengalieva – kokaral (nazira rework) (one little independent)
ka baird & pekka airaksinen – big stone small stone (rvng intl)
third ear band – stone circle (esoteric)
palm skin productions – hag stone (tru thoughts)
talking book – a sea turned to stone (koolarrow)
chihei hatakeyama – the big stone tomb (room40)
scott gibbons / lilith – stone reciprocal (sub rosa)

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