this is not a disco 170922

joachim spieth – akasha (affin ltd)
odnu – remote controlled human (audiobulb)
azemad – berwaz (awkwardly social)
dekatron – blind architects (verlag system)
yara asmar – there is a science to days like these (but i am a slow learner) (hivemind)
blue mysteries – someone else’s eyes (hivemind)
blue mysteries – anywhere but here (hivemind)
hans berg – the clearing pt.2 (2mr)
dekatron – neptunian twilight (verlag system) rewind
jesu´s antonio vergara – drive aplysia (tegh remix) (midira)
deniz cuylan – clouds over sintra (hush hush)
manuel mota & david grubbs – na margem sul (excerpt) (room40)
bailey miller – still water ii (whited sepulchre)
marc baron & jean-phillipe gross – b6 (eich)
marc baron & jean-phillipe gross – b3 (eich)
chris korda – moonchego (chapelle xiv)
the shaolin afronauts – valley of the crucible (freestyle)
guillaume loizillon – game over (trace)
radboud mens – decay (instant gratification mix)
yara asmar – fish can’t tie their shoelaces, silly (hivemind)
corrado maria de santis – decaying work of giants (midira)
the music of sound – street recordings part 1 (dimple discs)
the london sound survey – buckenham rooks (persistence of sound)


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